How's your Black Friday preparation going?

Wouldn’t normally bother because obviously the whole thing is a brash appeal to our worst consumerist tendencies to ALWAYS BE CONSUMING KEEP CONSUMING NEVER STOP CONSUMING but, on the other hand, I need a load of stuff for the house and would rather pay a bit less for it if possible.

We have prepared a list of things we need and have set out ground rules for which kind of side tables are acceptable.

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Think im gping to get the ps vr starter kit

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Bike wanker shit obv (I have a ridiculous £180 voucher to spend at a particular retailer)

Christmas presents for various folk



And astro bot sold me

thought it was last friday
give me indie points


Its like 169 for the headset and 2 games

Mostly keeping an eye out on to ensure I don’t miss out on buying things I didn’t know I needed.



oh also Eurosport sub, currently £19.99 but may well get discounted further, so I’m holding on a bit

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Why doesn’t Rebecca Black do a rework of her song Friday and cash in on the interest on this every year?


Ooh if I see a bundle with those two I might jump. Keeping an eye on deals on a new TV and an Xbox One X

probably because people have been going on about it for about a month this year for some reason

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Probably too busy shopping for bargains like the rest of us.

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Resi 7, which i wouldnt dare

But ive heard its great in vr

Nearly bought a PS4 last year because there were some really good deals, then remembered that I don’t actually want a PS4. Going to try to avoid that this year too.

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Hmm if it was tetris instead of resi I’d be on that. How much is tetris on its own? (is it out yet, can’t see it anywhere?)

About 30

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Is this for a year?? I was looking at the weekend funnily enough and it was £39.99.