How's your Black Friday preparation going?



Ooo, it is thanks! Not much of a reduction though, Should be able to resist.


yeah it’s not exactly an amazing offer is it

also this - never heard of this company though


I’ve read good things about their Muffs.

Thread for posts that are funnier out of context

Got one for £220 #boom #shhhh


Really tempted by some new saucepans now. Seen a set of Prestige ones that look quite nice.



I’d really like a smart bulb that lets me dim and change colour from my phone. Sometimes I want to sit in blue and sometimes a golden colour. Are any of these being on cheap anywhere?


This is @ttf’s area I think.


Hi. Can you help me @ttf


The thing I was gonna get my wife for Christmas just got reduced in price by 25% today. Was gonna buy it at full price earlier in the week but had forgotten. Winner winner.


I got some protein shake powder from The Protein Works. You can add multiple discount codes (eg SALE40 and BLK31) so I just paid £20 for something that is usually £50something. Paging @meowington as I think you like their shakes too?

I am on the lookout for a really good gaming laptop for my son, for programming on as he needs a new one. Happy to spend around £1k if anyone knows a good deal? Curry’s had one but I hestitated too much and it’s sold out.


My gym has a deal for its 3 month challenge (half price) plus December is a free month so that’s saved me over £100 and I’ll carry on trying to lose a bit more weight.


Philips hue is the market leader, I’ve never tried them though as they are expensive. My preferred brand was Avea elgatto because they have these dynamic mood see tings where’re colours shift and flicker (see pic) used to cost about £20 but think they’ve been discontinued so they are quite pricey now (maybe try second hand on eBay?). They are not very bright but very atmospheric, I use them in pairs in two Ikea fado lamps

I haven’t tried them but wilko have some cheap ones, there are loads of cheap ones on amazon I’m sure some of those will do the trick.

Sorry I cannot be of more Black Friday specific help


Anyone found any decent beer deals?


Found this from last year, don’t know if they’re doing it this year.

#85 ?


My wife has just bought us one.

What you got?



That was one of the options, had this one though

Edit. Not a pink one though, I don’t think.


I was seduced by the saving and by the ratings and reviews