How's your breathing?

I’ve got a nose wheeze which does my head in. No other problems though. Don’t think I snore but cant be certain.

Normally fine but apparently it gets really audible when I have headphones on for some reason.

was fine until you mentioned it but now you’ve thrown off my timing

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Everyone breathes too loud when they hsve them on. FYI everyone

It’s annoying when you think about your breathing isnt it, become too self aware

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The lady that was sitting next to me in the cinema on July 13th was snoring but she was awake

My nose is almost constantly somewhat blocked, probably operates at 60-70% capacity on the regular


I do it too much

now i’m breathing manually.

thanks eric

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I’m basically a pug :-/

Any neti pot crew in the house?

  • Yes, i engage in this disgusting practice
  • I’ve never known true pain

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my sinuses are fucked actually

got told that I was wheezing and needed to use my inhaler last night so I imagine not so good

Can you keep it down a bit

Absolutely cracking breathing game here.

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Oh god what

Worried i’m mouthbreathing tbh

I wouldnt expect anything less

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This is shocking. Thank you, stickboy

Mouth breathing is also bad for your teeth especially when you are sleeping.

The saliva evaporates so it does not have an opportunity to wash away any food debris between teeth and leaves mineral deposits on the gum line. Leading to tartar build up and gingivitis.

Mouth breathers should see oral hygienists more often. This is what mine told me.

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