How's your career / existential crisis going?


alright, january’s over. proper back into the routine. time to start navel gazing about our wasted potential and the misery of our workaday lives. where are you at, and what are you gonna do about it eh?

M.I.A. DiSers 2018 Edition

I should try and get a job but I just don’t think I can bring myself to do it.


Something part time/low stress? Nice to have some pocket money but no major beeves.


not sure it exists around here, guess I could go back to packing boxes in a factory but then you get shouted at and treated badly or I could work in a supermarket but that seems equally depressing in a different way.


Shut up, that’s how!


Same as ever for me. Freelancing is going well and I shouldnt complain but my work is very London-dependent and I’d like to move out the city and have more of a rural life. Pointless if I just spend all my time commuting back here tho.


was going to do something with my drawings but I think that’s fizzled out now


you’ve barely gotten started man! don’t give up on it yet. there’ll always be peaks and troughs.


thanks, just the whole thing is terrifying :slight_smile:

nice of you to be encouraging though.

Sounds like your work is going well so that’s good


What’s depressing about working in a supermarket? Plenty that’s waaay worse than that.


I would have to deal with and talk to people I don’t know


That’ll be life, then. Unless you get that drawing thing up and running. There’s your incentive!


well that involves talking to people I don’t know too. I just think I give up sometimes


Nah. The whole thing can be done remotely. Needn’t talk to a soul.


anyone know any rich people who want to give me a cottage on their estate and pay me to write daft poems about nature and stuff?


Going to become a partner soon in a law firm which supposedly has a really good work/life balance. Pretty stoked tbh, after 15 years of utter slavery in various sweatshops.


really just need to find an outgoing person with lots of free time and give them 50-75% to do all that for me. I just work alone and get enough to maybe live


Pretty spiffingly, ta. Started this job in November so it’s still shiny and new and what I wanna do for the foreseeable. Had a couple of training courses already this year, but need to speak to a chap to get my CPD formally kicked off, though.


Really bored of what I do (digital content producing/management) and my office makes me feel depressed just thinking about it.

Have been thinking of going to live with my mum for a bit and doing a course in something practical like carpentry or something and then work in the arts, or maybe something like camera operating or film editing.

Also have just applied for an admin job in the civil service in the meantime. Reckon I’d be happier being a lowly busybody than a person with actual responsibilities and supposed skills.


You could do the overnights/restock, if that was something that mattered? Or be something like a postman/milkman which is what my Uncle did because he liked being up and about early and didn’t have to talk to many people if he didn’t want.