How's your career / existential crisis going?

Now thinking that wolfy might be this guy :thinking:



I’ve had a few jobs were I’ve been expected to wait until the queue’s gone before leaving and I have absolutely not done that.

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In that job we werent expected to stay if there were customers waiting, but I used to get stuck on calls that took me past my finish time all the time. That meetings guy? Never happened to him, he’d somehow always manage to be out the door exactly on time.

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:grinning: where’s this from?

Although in fairness, Desmond only had to push the button once every 108 minutes so nowhere near as hardcore as yourself :+1:


Can anyone point me in the direction of good resources for writing a decent cover letter please?

Ask a Manager is good. Some of the advice is a bit American (eg keeping your “resume” to 1 page - i think 2 pages is seen as fine here) but there is useful stuff there.

Great, thanks froglet :slight_smile:

I have found a job I actually really want rather than just tolerate so I need to put in a lot of effort to make my CV/cover letter stand out


another one of those weeks where my job is simultaneously both on the line & absolutely necessary to to save a sinking ship

might be unemployed by Monday… might get a raise :man_shrugging:t2:

Sent a document to my managers (both of whom have taken voluntary redundancy and have said that before they leave in Nov they’ll fight for me to get a payrise, and a better role), anyway, they sent back a suggested new role spec today.

Exactly the fucking same but with ‘researcher’ added on to the end of my ill-fitting existing title.

I’d actually been optimistic for a few weeks that maybe getting an extra day a week, and my course paid for, and a pay rise, a a job title that fitted what I actually do wasn’t me being selfish or unrealistic but I guess I was because I didn’t even get one element of that list agreed to :woman_shrugging:

Just so annoyed because I can’t even leave to get another job doing what I do because my title doesn’t at all reflect that I even do what I do.

I mentioned all this and my boss said to send her another job spec and we can meet in the middle and try to pitch for it, but do you know what? Why should I meet in the middle? I give them so much and they give me so little, they should meet me all the way.

I hate when your heart is like ‘quit quit quit’ and the idea of walking out consumes you but your bank account is like ‘work for pennies and be miserable’.


Work motivation is at an absolute zero at the minute. Finish this job and start training for a new job in a different department in the next 4 or 5 weeks but just trying to get through my last few weeks is feeling a bit tough. Been trying not to use up too many holidays before christmas but I might have to use a few.

It’s not a difficult job but it’s currently just answering phonecalls all day which I really hate, and I hate that any time you’re not working there’s a little clock ticking down how long you’ve not been working - it doesn’t get checked to the same extent as the proper call centres I’ve worked in before but it’s still there to tell on you should anyone feel inclined.

During the pandemic our phone opening hours had reduced to close around 4pm so I had gotten into a routine of starting my shift late at about half 10 and then I could spend the last couple of hours of my shift switching over to dealing with paperwork instead, but from this week they’ve extended the closing time to 6pm and I’m struggling to make it through a full shift now without giving up and logging off early. My flexitime balance is going to be shocking by the time I move.

When you’re starting a new job it should be like the last couple of weeks of term imo, we should be allowed to watch videos and play games all day. Even better when you’re WFH. At least my whole current team and manager are in the same boat so probably don’t care too much.

Yet another application for project funding rejected. Didn’t even get a little bit, just zero. Absolutely fed up.

Could any of us offer a bit of help in the job matching/ pitching bit?

Like any business they want to pay you as little as possible for as much work as possible, so if you can show them how someone doing a similar gets paid £XXx more than you, you can present an argument of, “I can get this elsewhere if you’re not willing to pay me what I’m worth.”

Nobody likes having to put a price on what they do and I don’t think most of us like having to draw attention to what we do well, but that might be what you need to prepare.

Trying to figure out what the hell I do for a job.

For the past 15 years I have taught EFL, and for the past 10 years I have been visiting schools abroad doing workshops, and doing summer courses in the UK. The whole industry relies on either you going to another country, or people coming to the UK. Dead in the water for a while. I might strangle the next person who says “how about Skype teaching?”. There isn’t enough Skype work for the thousands of teachers who are out of work, and I was earning better money because I can run English immersion drama, art workshops etc which are pretty much impossible/not at all fun for the participants via Zoom.

I was also earning money from doing public arts workshops and invigilating exhibitions. Also dead in the water. Oh and I’d got myself a nice niche of earning extra money by doing events posters. Few people need one of those right now.

I wasn’t eligible for furlough or self-employed support because lots of things were short-term PAYE contracts. I’ve applied for some admin and design jobs but not even got an interview because there were so many people looking for work. I can’t even get any tide-over work in a bar or cafe because they’re struggling to keep their regular employees employed.

Really, I’m screwed. My industry stopped existing overnight, and I’m sure a lot of people are in the same boat as me.

This is a pretty tough situation. Do you hope that your industry will return next year after a vaccine and in the meantime try to get any other work you can to keep you going? I suppose the risk is if a vaccine takes longer to implement then you need a plan B.

Would you consider retraining to be an English (or something else) school teacher?

I’ve emailed my course leader with what I do to see if she knows what sort of role that equates to, as it all relates to what I’m studying. I’ll see what she has to say :crossed_fingers:

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I actually was working as a DT teacher in secondary schools in London at one point- a scheme where you worked and got the PGCE on the side. It was a miserable experience. Not because of the kids or teaching lessons- the kids were great, and I had access to good facilities.

It was the whole philosophy and pressure enforced on schools these days- everything was about statistics and treating staff and students like they were cogs in the machine. Which is particularly difficult in practical subjects like textiles, electronics etc. Lots of “can you teach the class about screen printing without actually letting them screenprint anything?” (when we had all the stuff in the cupboard and I know perfectly well how to do it!)

I was the second oldest person in the department, and I was 31 at the time. They were burning out teachers at an astonishing rate.

The school also exploited me- I was covering another teacher’s class and had to write the syllabus too, but they wouldn’t count them as experience hours for the qualification. In the end I caught chicken pox off the kids when it was going round the school, and it turned into a really bad case of shingles and I’d decided I’d had enough and quit and went back to EFL.

Just went on a cv and interview skills course for work from an external provider, they literally said it’s okay to put a different job title to your official one on your cv if it’s reflective of what you did. Obviously it’s a bit nerve-wracking if you get the job and the reference from your old company has a different job title, but at interview you should just explain in more detail what’s gone on there (and tbh, if the company is a reasonable size I doubt the interviewers are even gonna see the reference, it’ll probably just be filed away somewhere by an HR admin unless the reference says “this person is the worst” or whatever).

But yeah my advice is to just give the job title that actually describes what you do, rather than the one you have. You might worry about the reference but at least you’ll get to interview.


Fab, I still need to figure out what that title is! Someone suggested regeneration officer which has some overlap but its not that either. Ideally I want to stay in the business as I feel like I’ve got lots of potential there but need to get out of my team first off.

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I wouldn’t normally recommend this line of work under normal circumstances, but call centres maybe? Some will be hiring remotely and at this time of year some places will be hiring for xmas temps. They want good verbal communication skills, which you’ll obviously have from teaching. And when your normal line of work picks up again nobody is going to see a call centre job on your cv and ask a lot of questions about whether you really want the job you’ve applied for or really you want to be working in a call centre for life, it’ll be obvious that it was temporary.