How's your career / existential crisis going?

weird to think i will probably be in the same business til i retire. bookshop rob.


yeah. the lack of leverage is def what they’re gambling on. but if you can stick it out, you’ll have formal experience that can be pointed to in six months, and then you have leverage.

(they’re still being cunts)


I see. I really sympathise with you here - seems like they know you’re worth it but they’re making it as torturous all round as possible. I hope it works out for you.


Did anything come of them paying for your course?

reckon this coming january is going to be the worst for pay reviews in a decade. lot of people gonna get fucked over because “the virus tho”

Who knows! They gave me £800 to pay the bit that was urgently outstanding but that’s £800 out of £9000. I think they might do, but I suspect it’ll be an argument that I shouldn’t get a pay rise if they pay for it, even though I have to present what I learn back to them so they’re all benefiting from it.

So I’ve spoken with my boss about shared parental leave and I think I’m going to have all of Feb off. He wasn’t thrilled, but I don’t think he’s 100% written me off. We’ll see.


oof. well done buddy. That’s a hell of a pitch to get over the line.

It’s possible he has written me off :sweat_smile:

I mean, I’m entitled to it and they can’t refuse it, the onus shouldn’t be on me to make a case for looking after my child - but that’s never how it feels is it? I wanted to take more time, and do it earlier, but I tried to sell it that it would be as undisruptive as possible


this is the crux of it. it’s legally nailed on, and SHOULD be fucking fine. and yet. and yet.

I’m fucked.

Been suspecting for a while now that my manager doesn’t like me and is gearing up to get me fired, today I got confirmation that’s exactly what is going on. I’ve been struggling to get stuff done for a few months, I’ve been working on stuff that’s new to me and I find very difficult. I’ve said I’ll have things done by a certain date, only to realise it’s a lot harder than I expected and had to keep pushing back the date when it will be done by. I’ve been told off for it a couple of times and been told I should ask for help if I’m struggling, which I have been doing, but I can’t just take up all of other peoples’ time and I’m becoming very aware that I’m a burden to other people on the team who have to explain things to me a lot.

Today I had a meeting with my manager where he showed me a plan of action that pretty much sets me up to fail. In it he painted me as uncooperative (which I am absolutely not), and on top of the valid things he can get me for he’s put a load of stuff on there such as failing to follow procedures which even he freely admits are written down absolutely nowhere, and saying I’m doing things wrong which in my last review he praised me for improving on. Now I’ve basically got to document my every move. Every morning I have to send him a detailed plan of what I’m going to do that day, and every evening I have to send him a detailed breakdown of what I did and how long each task has taken. I have to do this every day for 3 months. I also have to hold demonstrations of what I’ve been working on with other team members, and then document the demonstration, and then he’ll ask the other person how it went.

This is stressing the absolute shit out of me, he knows full well this will overwhelm me and just give him a big list of things I’ve failed on and then he can sack me. The top of the document says “[company] doesn’t want staff who [don’t do as they’re told]”. Even if I could’ve kept up with this level of bureaucracy under normal circumstances I sure as shit can’t do it now I know that I’m just waiting to be chopped. This is the last fucking thing I need, I’m in the middle of buying a house (yeah I know check my privilege but losing my employment just as I get tied to a 25 year loan). Last week when he really started taking issue with my work I was under fucking quarantine with Covid ffs. I told him I was doing my best to graft and putting 11 hours days in to try and get shit done and he just was like “well you shouldn’t be doing that, need to get it done during the working day”.

Now I gotta apply for jobs in a national lockdown with my self confidence and MH in the fucking toilet :partying_face:

Really upset about this as I like this job a lot during normal times. Even when I’m struggling I do get enjoyment out of it, I really like everybody else I work with, a lot of the work I do is good but I’m just naturally very slow to pick things up and struggle with organisation. Worried I’ll become unemployable after they get rid of me.

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Hey I’ve been through a process like this recently, you might have more ground than you may think.

Your goals must be achievable and reasonable within your job description. You are entitled to get them to document the processes to make it clear what success looks like. I would query with manager and HR about all this time sheeting etc, that does sound a bit absurd. You are entitled to interim reviews over the time period (I’m guessing it’s a 3 month PIP?), at our place it happens every other week with HR and line manager. You are entitled to have a higher manager to be a third party. You can flag training or support that you need and it should be provided for you within reasonable standards.

I made a little excel doc of the week broken into 30 min chunks from 8-6:30 to plan my week, with boxes on the side for priorities and learnings (what went well and what didn’t), and then separate sheets for each day with the day twice in 30 min chunks to show what I had planned to achieve and what actually happened (eg planned to prepare ppt for 2 hours but there was an urgent issue with a system I needed to work for 1.5 hours, so the ppt is reprioritised). If your manager is so set on full transparency it’s a good way to say “this is my plan for the day, do you agree with the priorities?” Personally I also find it not too onerous to update as you just chip in what you did as you’re doing it in a couple of words.

Unfortunately I do think that being on a PIP is not a good sign but legally, you must be given a chance to succeed.

Sorry that you’re going through this, horribly stressful. Wishing you the best.


Has anyone ever had to deal with Kentico before?

I have never had such bleak thoughts because of one unbelievably useless bit of software. Like I genuinely just want to walk into the sea right now. It’s making me look completely useless and incompetent and the one person who can help is on annual leave

The mistakes I’m making are really starting to add up. Working remotely is hard :confused:

I think the forums view on coffee is that you should pick the beans yourself from source

(No-one expects new workers to pick up software straight away, you’ll be fine)

Applied for a new job yesterday, got another app to finish for Sunday. Found 2 other jobs as well I could definitely do, but both are fixed term (1 year and 2 year) so not ideal. Not sure if to put an app in or not. Proper bored in my current role, so need to be challenged more.

Didn’t get an interview for a promotion even tho I should’ve technically made the cut, purely because the standard of everyone else’s applications was even higher. Talented bastards.

(Bit bummed out, but - gives me a good base to work on for the next time, right)

you should speak to your union cause this sounds ridiculous. If I was in your position I’d probably go off sick with stress tbh

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OMG! Can you believe it? The meeting about whether or not I get an extra day and whether or not I get a payrise in my new role didn’t happen today. What a totally predictable turn of events.

Staggering how long its taking :upside_down_face: 7 weeks and counting. Officially transfer to their team on Thursday.

I did get an email to say they won’t pay for my course so doesn’t bode well.

Got the extra day :tada::tada::tada:

Got a minute payrise, crumbs from the table stuff but :tada::tada::tada:


Well done, happy for you.

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