How's your career / existential crisis going?

£500 seems so negligible that I doubt it will influence their opinion at all

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It’s hard to say and that’s a good question. They’ve offered you the job and so they clearly think you are suitable, and all jobs have a learning curve and require training and support. If you feel the salary is fair then shake their hand, but if you do feel it’s a touch low for the market and it’s not much more than you’re currently on and that you will have additional skills and things that you can provide, then go for it. The first step is to put this onto the recruiter, it’s literally what they’re there to do. They work on behalf of the employer (not you), but that involves matching expectations and salary and so it’s important to explain this to them, see what they say, and salary negotiations are a normal step in the process.

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Not sure on the starting salary but definitely wouldn’t start negotiations at this level. Ask for a grand or two, and be prepared to meet in the middle

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The science scale is a bit fucky, especially chemistry, not many analysts making over 30k unless you’re in management. After reading froglet’s link I think 10% is a good measure?

kids - do biology instead!

just lie and say you’ve been offered another job at the salary you want but you’d prefer this job/company so if they can match, you will accept

done and dusted

One thing to remember is that the recruitment process costs the company thousands. So an extra £500 is nothing. I’d definitely ask for 2k


I’m a terrible liar. And I actually need this new job, as my current one is being dissolved in August and I don’t want to accept a graduate role as the replacement

Hope that pun was intended.
Anyway i’m sure something will precipitate out and you find a workable solution


Turns out there was steric hindrance between me and the other hire in the same role. So they aren’t interested in increasing the salary

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passed the initial sift stage of the new post I applied for, onto the (informal) interview next week

did expect to succeed at this point but still, nice to know for sure :slight_smile: instant overthinking about whether I really want the role or not but hey, I’ve started so I’ll finish


It’s not a job so much as a proper exciting career opportunity sort of thing, but I’ve just been accepted for something aaaaaand the impostor syndrome is just about kicking in


Yeah, so it was a no. I emailed them in the new year and it took them a full week to get back to me to say they’d gone with someone with more experience and that it had been a busy time. No feedback on my task either, oh well. :man_shrugging: not sure what else I could have done on it tbh.

Got a chat/interview for a new job this afternoon.

It would be a lot more varied work (and I could really do with that right now) but it will initially only be a 6 month contract.

I’ve been told that they always do this but never has anyone not carried on afterwards.

Still feels a little daunting as I’m in full time employment currently .

I’m gonna see if there is anyway they can not do thisnwhen we have a chat.