How's your career / existential crisis going?


that blows :frowning: what are your options for getting out if it keeps feeling like that?


anyone work remotely? An incredible opportunity has come up but would involve working remotely for the EU team based in London (I’d have to go down there maybe every fortnight for a day/overnighter). My concerns are:

  • (in)ability to become an integral component of the team
  • management remotely isn’t ideal (i’d be at a ‘manager of managers’ level)
  • general isolation/lack of people to chat to
  • if it worked, we’d probably look at moving house, or getting a lease for a small one-person office locally. I have an office at home but ideally i’d have a workshop or something in the garden to give some home/work separation. One person office is looking at least £200pm which is my current monthly commute really.
  • all in all i like my current job and employer. i’m progressing and it’s smaller so more ability to control things
  • will probably have to work a lot harder

benefits include

  • commuting time becomes zero/great for home life/wellbeing/gym membership/school run etc.
  • firm is the market leader and been headhunted for senior role, ideal time to move
  • pay rise - opens options such as saving for dream house with workshop/garden, freelance potential in the longer term, plus takes some pressure of the missus while the kids are young
  • more clearly defined role and expectations


Don’t need to tell me m9. The company I work for is like the fucking Titanic, it’s going down and they keep making horrible decisions clearly out of panic which are going to scupper any chance they have of turning it around.


How long does it normally take people to reply to a job application, if they ever do, after an application deadline passes? I’m fed up of being kept on tenterhooks after applying, only for no response to ever come. Find the whole process incredibly disheartening.

I also think it should be made obligatory for responses to include a simple reason why you weren’t considered, rather than the cop-out ‘Due to the overwhelming volume of applications we received, we are unable to offer individual feedback on applications’. Could literally be as simple as a couple of words: ‘Not enough experience’, ‘not enough relevant experience’, ‘spelt the name of the company wrong’.

Catches breath


m8. do it ffs. sounds like the dream. do a garden workshop


it’s the ballache of moving house again while trying to bed into a new organisation remotely that feels worrisome. But the potential for long term significant life/family benefits seem like it’s worth exploring further.


moving house is a cunt. are you currently owning or renting?


Well, anything. I’d be starting at the bottom again and have wasted 4 years and the last of my youth, though.


all of life is a waste of years, it’s fine


own. we went through a horrendous move/relocation/second child/job change in 2016 and only feel like we’ve managed to get back to normal after that, so not going to rush anything. i had a preliminary chat with the recruiter who OKed me going to the next stage (an actual interview) but I said I wanted to pause for a while and not have any time pressure while i think things through. might give it a couple of months of talking to people (and also we’re going through our internal review/promotions phase at the moment, which gives you an idea about how your current employer values you/sees you going in the organisation).

We semi-compromised on our house because we were in such a tough situation with our move (our original purchase fell through badly). I had to commute from Sheffield to Manchester to start my new role, and missus did all the removals/packing once our house completed with a 3 month old in a sling, while I handled a horrendous project at work and just felt useless. Also because my missus was on mat leave we couldn’t get a mortgage that included her income, which limited us to smaller garden, which at the time didn’t seem like a big deal…


oh wow. DEFINITELY sounds like time, space and caution are all needed. good shout. i hope it gets a bit clearer dude


I’m a massive megalomaniac, obviously. I have 5 direct reports who despite my constant efforts to develop and invest in their individual growth are obviously just there to make me feel important.


thanks amigo, it’s a bit ‘first world problem’ tbh because very lucky to have good options, but could do with some practical input from anyone who’s worked remotely and what worked/what’s hard etc.


check out Bezos!


only ever did 3 out, 2 in as opposed to full remote so can’t be too helpful. i did however make up an entire room in the house to do it and that worked well


You’re no jesus, you’re no fucking Elvis


Christ :smiley:


Forgot to mention this anecdote. My birthday was not too long ago - work forgot about it so didn’t get the whole card/cake/Amazon voucher lark which I usually try and swerve anyway so, genuinely wasn’t bothered. Anyway few weeks after my boss went “Geoff… did we forget your birthday?” and I was like “Errr… yeah”. And she was pretty gutted about it and said she’d make it up to us. Bit awkward but wasn’t my fault.

So what she arranged to this end was a team lunch. Had it last week. My line report (who has no end of personal troubles) said he couldn’t come because he had no money. So I said I’d pay for his and he obliged after a bit of firm persuasion. Went to the excellent lunch place, had lunch, and then when the bill came it was decided we’d all split the bill evenly. Everyone just paid for theirs, myself included. Except I paid for my line report’s as well as promised.

So they forgot my birthday and my ‘making it up to you’ thing was going for a team lunch where I paid twice what everyone else paid.

So yeah career’s going great ta.


Started applying to work abroad because why the fuck not. brexit


Hey after all this I got an interview. lol.