How's your career / existential crisis going?


I don’t know what you do but could you try to jobshare the role you’re interviewing for now? Cite work life balance and ask for a 0.6 contract or something?


I love the idea of job sharing, although I don’t really know anything about it or going about getting it!

Sadly I think this particular place, as it’s kind of a start up, wants somebody who is all in all of the time.


If there isn’t a policy already, the best thing to do would be to ask.

At the end of the day, the worst they can do is say no.


Feel like a bit of a shill because I haven’t read the rest of the thread yet but just want to vent.

In December 2 members of my 3 person team left, and in January they reduced my team size down to 2 people. So I was doing the work of 3, while doing all of the training for the new starter. Each week in January I worked over 46 hours, no breaks, and I’m not going to get overtime pay. I was already at my flexi limit at the start of the month, so those extra hours are gone. The nature of the work is a lot of dealing with conflict and complaints, so it’s been tough to do at a hundred miles an hour.

I’ve been repeatedly flagging to management that we can’t operate a good service, and I keep getting told that things will get better eventually and without me getting any further support. Hoping I get out of there fast! The thought of how good I’ll feel when I hand my notice in is what’s keeping me going


I had a not too dissimilar situation where I knew I had to leave and the idea of how ace it’d be when I had my notice in and then finally leave kept me going. set a date for and everything. then I bottled handing my notice in and I’m still here and it’s still shit :clap:


Do more with less


Not a major issue but I’m a bit confused as to how you’re meant to progress within the public sector. I’ve been at a similar level for about 3 years and would like to move up a pay grade and get a bit more of a challenge. Any job ad I look at that offers this step up requires experience of tasks you’d only have done had you already held a post at that higher level. The options appear to be a) work at getting some of this experience in my current role, however there’s so much to do that it leaves very little time for taking on anything outwith my job description b) get promoted in my current organisation, but it feels like a serious effort to just get a contract extension at this level let alone get promoted c) just bullshit on job applications and hope they don’t interrogate me at the interview. I’m also unsure whether timewise I’m just being unrealistic and three years isn’t all that long at a certain grade?


Three years in the public sector at the same grade is (often) no time at all.

If you’re in the public sector there is surely (supposed to be) some sort of regular performance review. That would be a reasonable time to ask these questions, I’d have thought.

They’re lying to you. Tell them you’re gonna start working to rule and things will not get done.


Fair enough. Guess I’ll have to be a bit more patient :slight_smile:

Actually haven’t had any kind of performance review or one to one with my line manager (who I haven’t seen in any kind of official sense since before xmas) since I joined this organisation last summer.


I’m supposed to have one every two to three months. It’s been over two years.

Recently made a sideways move away from a bullshit situation (two jobs rolled into one). Massive improvement that would never have been matched by management taking action to sort things out.


don’t know what sort of help i’m expecting with this but nvm, it’s nice to write things down.

i’ve been sub-contracting for a company for nearly 4 years. through that time the way it works has been that you are paid a standard day-rate and if you have done enough metreage to earn more than that you get paid the difference on top.

how this works in practice is that the big, greedy spiders (like 1/3 of the workforce) who are tight with the bosses are constantly cherry picking the best jobs, doing all the good & easy work on price for big money, while everyone else is stuck doing the difficult and awkward jobs for day rate. i’ve been happy enough to kick about on day rate with the occasional bit of price work if it means i don;t have to network and kiss arse.

had an email this weekend saying that we have a new quantity surveyor who has decided Everyone Is On Price All The Time, after ringing around the lads i found out this quantity surveyor just happens to be the son of the biggest, greediest spider of them all.

i’m young enough & good enough that if the work is shared out fairly then i would be making considerably more money under this sort of system than i do now. my dad, who also works for these lot, is probably too old to earn a good wage on price without thrashing himself into the ground.

i don’t really know what to do about it - my dad’s first instinct is to tell my boss to shove his job, i sort of agree but i think maybe it’s worth attempting to talk to him about it first and set some ground rules about how work is shared. and i would like suggestions as how to do that maybe? not good at this stuff.

seems a joke to imagine that the work will be shared around fairly when the QS is related to the BGS, eh?

this is all nominally on a self employed basis so i have the ability to turn down work if i don’t want it but could just be let go with no recourse also.


Tfw you hand in your notice, get that reference locked in and can just absolutely take the piss for the last couple of weeks without fear of reprisal is :ok_hand:


Well, I called the recruiter and tried to explain and ask about a job share. Was met with a barrage of insults about how I’m unreliable, my CV is “a bit of a car crash” and I’m not someone he wants to recommend to his clients. He wished me luck then put the phone down on me.

So yeah. Not feeling great about myself or my prospects right now.


You can do without people like that or their advice.


i’m sure you could do without the hassle but i’d be complaining about them. that is completely out of order.


pros and cons of current career:

pros -
choose my own schedule
get paid well
work is generally pretty easy

cons -
pure existential misery


Agreed. Also, @dingaling, if your CV is genuinely a ‘car crash’, why on earth were they putting you forward based on it and how the hell did you get to a second interview?

As hard as it’ll be to believe right now, that conversation says far more about them than you.


I like to imagine what this community would be like if none of us had to work.

There’d be much more content in the film, lunch and book threads, and probably exactly the same amount of pure existential misery.




Contact his manager, that is incredibly unprofessional