How's your career / existential crisis going?


current job is turning into one of the most ethically dubious things i’ve done. basically a completely unironic ‘greed is good’ video and they want me to put all these references to #metoo and stuff in it. ugh.


Have you thought about looking for in-house work with a charity?


Cant say that I have. Have a little bit of experience doing that sort of thing. Dont really want an in-house job though I did apply for something recently.


Was just thinking some kind of ethical in house job might be the way to go if you dislike doing what you are currently.


Should really just not take on advertising or corporate jobs and I do try not to but i’m skint right now :confused:


Woman in the job centre said I should look at moving abroad for work.

Oh good, I can go be miserable and unemployed abroad.


tbf you do speak a couple of languages right? you done any translation work? saw you were looking for transcription stuff


Both of my promotions in the public sector have been through development programs, rather than straight promotions and have kind of preferred that as has given me more time to learn new roles/skills. So I’d look to see if they have any of those.


I speak Spanish and some German, probably can’t get a job as a translator as I have no translation qualifications.


More, probably! Being out of work is not great for existential misery.


By law employers have to consider requests to job share or limited hours, I believe. They might not do it, but it is in the law and obviously loads of people do it, especially when they come back from maternity. So if people coming back from maternity can do it, so can everyone else.


It might be different if we didn’t need to work though. I think the general boredom would be worse.


I wouldn’t get bored, I have so much to do. Work really gets in the way.


Work means I don’t have to develop real hobbies.


Yeah hobbies are just things I can’t do because I’m at work :frowning:


I’d recommend what I did tbh - come to Spain, work 15-20 hours a week in a language academy/private lessons/actual school if you can find it, and live really well.


I’ve worked as a teaching assistant before and didn’t enjoy it. I don’t know if it’s because I’m not cut out for it or the school wasn’t very supportive or both.


ever told your boss you can’t do a job?

basically been given a role that’s quite far away from what i signed up for and am getting found out constantly. actually becoming massively stressed out for the first time in my life.


Got a job description? Point out this new responsibility isn’t on it. If you don’t have a job description, suggest you need to write one, and agree what’s going to be on it (if you need a place to start, suggest the job advert you applied to). You don’t need to agree to do work that is either too much or you have received no training/experience in. I think most managers will be fairly reasonable about it. They can’t force you to do what’s not in a job description, and if you don’t have a job description they don’t have much of a leg to stand on.

Having been down this road myself you will be fine if you’re prepared to do most of the work yourself. And whatever you do, don’t expect HR to be any help whatsoever. I recently transferred to a new company when the old one was taken over, I had very recently been given a slight role change which involved a new job description. I reviewed the draft, but it was all finalised between my manager and HR and I never received a copy of the final job description. When called upon to provide a copy to my new employer, nobody can find it. This is literally what HR do, it was only a few months old, and they couldn’t find it despite the fact that SURELY there would have been email correspondence about it. Absolutely fecking useless.

Operate on the assumption that everyone you work with is useless and you won’t go far wrong.


This is quite weird as I got given a portfolio (from 12) that was by a million miles the worst for me and I handed my resignation in when given it because of it but was persuaded to stay. The others I can be great in and have time to do other stuff, but this one is literally my nightmare.

Had a DPR yesterday and my boss said it was given to me to see how I reacted and what I did to adapt as I’ll have to do this when I move up - might be a similar situation - or might just be shit. I kind of appreciate it how, if I’m being ultra professional and needy.