How's your career / existential crisis going?


Do you think that’s true, or do you think he was just trying to talk his way out of it? Sounds a bit like when someone says something absolutely horrendous and then says ‘only joking!’ afterwards.


yep. done it in nice supportive places that understood and horrible places that acted like i was being a big whiny baby. hopefully your work is more the former :confused:


I definitely do not think it was given to me as a ‘test’, my workplace is far too unstructured and lacking in tact for anything of the sort.

Getting towards the end of my tether with it now, zero training and floods of emails daily.


Definitely not the latter. I moan to my boss but he’s not really bothered. I’d owe them about £4K in sponsorship if I left :slightly_frowning_face:


She you sexist fuck!!

Actually, no - I’m privy to a few things I shouldn’t be and know others have been put in the same situation, I’m just at such a low level didn’t think they’d do it to me.


OR they knew it was a pile of shit and gave it you as they trust you to get at least something at the end

I know the pain and would laugh at someone spouting this holistic bollocks at me


OR I thought you said he and was mistaken. Jesus!


Then in this kind of environment you have to stand up to them and be clear about what you can and cannot do. Otherwise they will pile stuff on you and assume you are okay with it because you’re not saying anything. You could already be doing work that other people have refused to do or complained about doing until they find someone who will take it on. You don’t need to be that person. If you are struggling with something because you haven’t been trained properly then that is your manager’s failing, not yours. They might not like it being pointed out (that you haven’t had the training) but you would be in the right to do so.


I’m afraid this isn’t an excuse for being a mysoginistic bastard.


Yeah cheers, I agree and it’s what I’m trying to do.

It’s basically looking after an area of the business someone on a higher salary/ banding/ job title couldn’t do because they were too stretched. I appreciate that it’s been given to me but it’s not related to a career path I want to go down, as I say handover and training are non present. Feels like I’ve been absolutely shafted.


I actually don’t see gender, I just see everyone as a person, so perhaps it is YOU who are the misogynist?


oooOOOooo this is quite good :frowning:


had a brief thought earlier, anyone worked in transcription/subtitling? (english language only)


don’t like half of the MME work in subtitling?


I don’t really know what anyone does on here tbh


epimer - copyright lawyer
pickledoeuf - scottish lawyer
raanraals - corporate lawyer
MME - subtitling
LME - graphic design


I will end you


lovely stuff, cheers!


I hope you read that with the intonation intended for someone who would say “Actually, I don’t see gender…”


I’m not even sure what I do tbf. Would definitely have a hard time trying to explain it to anyone else.