How's your career / existential crisis going?


mousee and svenrock are the two that used to do this, I think.


ooh cheers! might drop them a message


I also do english subs


starting from scratch(ish) in a different area, interning for a charity that’ll hopefully give me a job at the end.
if not, it’s decent experience to try for another role in the area.
life’s basically a bit of a ballache though, isn’t it?


That’s really good to know - thanks so much to you, @colinzealuk, @froglet and @keith for your advice and good luck in this thread.

I think I unfortunately was found by the shittest recruiter in the world in this instance. I can’t lie, it’s knocked me back a bit this week when applying for other stuff. The idea of me being unreliable and that jumping jobs - even though I’ve even said they were freelance projects - makes me look bad is something I’m ashamed of anyway.

But I’m glad I made the decision I did. Everything I’m applying for is part time and I’ve resolved to be completely open about my anxiety and depression before they’ve even offered me a job.


It’s up to you entirely of course but to honest, I’m not sure I would in your position. Legally (and ethically) I’m sure they couldn’t ask you about your mental health in an interview, so don’t feel that you need to volunteer it. Back yourself, your interviews should be about your competence and ability, not your mental health.

Agree about the shittest recruiter, that experience sounded awful. Hopefully you have the confidence to recognise that sometimes it’s them, it’s not you.


Currently standing on a precipice, definitely in full on career / existential crisis mode.

I have worked at the same place for eleven years, sometimes it was bad but generally it was okay. The company was taken over about two years ago and everything went to shit. It’s like going back in time ten years, facing problems we had already resolved but refusing to listen to experience of anyone that had been ‘acquired’ (e.g. me). The place is a shambles, management is atrocious and they just lurch from one crisis to another.

The company is now in deep financial trouble and enforcing huge redundancies. They did not do the sensible thing and offer voluntary, so they are basically firing people who want to stay and retaining people - like me - who would much rather leave. There were two people in my role (compared to seven in the previous, smaller company so we are already drastically over-stretched), and the other person has just been made redundant. I am now the only person in the company with any kind of experience in the administration of the database we use. ALL questions - legitimate and incredibly stupid - come to me in a tidal wave of email slurry.

My job is data analysis which I quite enjoyed, but not so much under the new company as they have unreasonable demands, don’t listen to what is possible and what isn’t, and, I suspect, do not read or act on anything I produce. It’s not my job to be user support but as everyone else has basically been fired, that will be my job now on top of my existing role. My colleague is out of the office this week, all of her emails have been forwarded to me so I’ve got a taste of what it’ll be like from now on and all I can think is FUCK THAT. I’m not dealing with all of this. Virtually everyone who transferred with me has resigned or been made redundant already, I’m virtually the last one left.

So, upshot is, I need to get out of here. I have found it impossible in the past to work on a job/career change at the same time as working a full time job, that’s why I’m still here. I want to have a life too and it is too much for me to do all at the same time. I can’t / don’t want to give up what enjoyment I do get out of my life in order to find a new job.

What I am tempted to do is just walk away, take some time off, and use that time to find a new career at the same time as working on some of the projects I have not had time to, like photography, writing and so on. My interests are very time-consuming and I just don’t have time to do them. So this could work, I have managed to save enough that I could be out of work for a while, things would have to go very badly wrong for me to be on the street any time soon.

But even so, it is very hard to take that final leap as it is a step into the complete unknown. It is impossible to know how long it will take to change career, where that will be or whether I will be able to earn as much as I do now - which is not much by any means, but it could always be worse. It doesn’t feel like a great time economically to be putting yourself out of work. On the other hand, my life is going absolutely nowhere while I am here and I’m not getting any younger.

If I leave I should do it now so that I can have time off in spring and summer rather than winter. I held on a few months longer than I needed to because of this, and now spring is here (theoretically), it is hard to make that leap. Am I having a mid-life crisis? I’m the right age. It’s hard to know. If I left would I look back and curse myself for being a complete idiot? On the other hand, it is hard to imagine having any kind of happiness in this job, in this company, in this town.

  1. You need to leave
  2. You need at least a proper plan before you do.


pretty sure they both still do


Yes definitely have a plan, 17 pages worth :slight_smile:. All the pros, cons, plan for time off, finances, everything. Been mulling this one over for a very long time, not least because redundancy was a strong possibility as soon as we were taken over.

The only ‘unknown’ is where I’ll end up and what I’ll end up doing, which is the big one of course.


Anyone here work for or had experience working for the civil service? Got an interview next week for a role there. I’ve only ever worked in the private sector so not had any experience.


Yes, a few years for the DWP in Debt Management, and then a year in the Job Centre.

My honest advice… don’t do it, it’s miserable, it’s mismanaged and it’s stressful.


I have no ideas on how to move to the next step.

I’m finally at a place with my mental health where I feel like I can do more with my life, but I’ve no idea where to start.

I have over ten years worth of customer service experience, and at the minute I am a ‘premium’ service rep, meaning that I have specific high-spending clients who I look after and make sure they’re getting the best out of our website (recruitment) and working closely with sales to keep them with the company.

It was boring just typing that.

In regards to qualifications, I’ve got two crappy a-levels and nothing further than that.

I’d love to do some studying on the side but truth is I just don’t have the energy after work each day. I’ve definitely got more to give and I think I’d be best creating some kind of #content. One problem is that I’ve no interest in living in the UK again and ideally I’d stay living where I am now in central Europe, so remote work would be best.

Has anyone ever made something of themselves after being stuck for more than a decade? It’s really frustrating knowing that I’m capable of much more but not having a clue how to acheive it.


this week (27th Feb to be exact) is the anniversary of me leaving my job in a vaguely similar position to yourself

i had less of a plan than you but it worked out

here’s the thread i made actually, hadn’t looked it up till now!


wanna open a cafe. just need a spare 250k or whatever.


More similar than you might think, I also had a payout some time ago which I have not touched which I can use to keep myself going for a few months. I’ve been in this job 11 years so I don’t think too much danger of being seen as a job-hopper. Plus my current company’s financial troubles have been all over the news so if I stay within the same industry I doubt anyone would question it. I suspect they have a reputation as a terrible company to work for, some people who had worked for them before bailed out as soon as the initial takeover was announced.

I also have fairly broad experience which for me is a bit of a setback as it makes focusing job searches very difficult.

So a year later, how did it all work out?


Ah OK. Worth knowing. I’m not in a desperate place with my current role so I guess i’ll just scope it out and if I get the vibe that i’ll be swamped with work for not much more money or progression then i’ll sack it off.


Maybe I was just unlucky, but I was constantly surrounded by shysters, gobshites and jobsworths. I’d never, ever go back.


I’d imagine it depends in part which part of the public sector you’re in. Can’t imagine being anywhere near the DWP being anything but soul destroying.


You don’t need £250k to open a cafe.

Lease the property