How's your career / existential crisis going?


I worked in the public sector for a bit. It was great, lovely people and felt like i was actually doing something worth while.

Pay wasn’t great though so now i do the same job with the efficiency savings i make going into dividends and directors pockets instead of back to the public but i earn more than double than i used to.

Would rather be doing what i used to do but like having enough money to do what i want


been in current job for 6 months, very happy with everything and my pre-tax salary is 50% higher than the job i left a year ago

so it’s bloody great



my chicken and chilli stuffed omelette is fire bruv, if i open it you’ll get first dibs.


Have just had a meeting with my line manager and departmental manager to discuss and approve a year-long sabbatical starting in July.

Pretty anxious about it now!


what are you planning on doing with your spare year then?


That sounds fab. I loved the time out that I had after I left london. It made me really appreciate certain aspects of my work when I went back, and also inspired me to change my focus a bit. So it wasn’t a big ‘paul on road to damascus’ type revelation or anything, but it was life changing enough for me! What have you got planned?


Will you offer plain omelettes for the less adventurous?


This: to start with, then idk really. Get some casual shifts in the Magical Vegan Co-operative or a bar, read more, play video games, cycle across America maybe, sleep, idk. Just not work in an office for a year is the main aim.

Had a bit of an awkward moment at the end were they brought up the idea of a demotion but keeping my pay at the higher level that it’s been for the last year. Which I think they would have been pretty disappointed to hear would be my ideal situation! So I lied a bit. Which is probably for the best.


existential dread rising… rising… falling… RISING


Got 3 weeks left of my secondment. Really cant be bothered with it now. Remembered why i left the civil service in the first place.


Bloody hell i think one of the place i’ve interviewed might actually go for a 3 days from home, 2 in the office setup :o fuckfuckfuck. find out on thurs…


Annual appraisal tomorrow. Haven’t done most of my goals due to different things that were out of my control.

Saw a job in Yorkshire that I could apply to. Would be able to afford a decent house up there. And a whippet.


That incident in the toilets?


haunted top floor.


thewarn’s hair became haunted? Fucking hell, no wonder he left.


Hi CG!


It’s my evil twin.


woah woah woah let’s hear what s/he has to say


Odd that your parents gave you virtually the same name.


Is it a surprise to you that my parents are odd?