How's your career / existential crisis going?


i quite like that russian language school appears to centre on their writers’ love of decadent poetry.


Bunch of interviews this week. Scary stuff.


Theme park ghost train operator?

good luck!


can’t believe i laughed at this. had too much coffee today


i’m going to start applying for some proper jobs i think


train driver


just something regular/in-house or something :disappointed: feel like i need to do a year with a stable job


Definitely something customer facing for eric


i am very much a people person


uh oh


I have a school friend who I avoid speaking to who used to use the phrase, ‘graft for your life,’ when he was talking about a man’s duty to have a proper job.

Don’t get a proper job.


We keep winning new work down south and I live in Leeds.
May as just move into a premier inn


Might be resigning today. Resignation letter all signed and scanned, all I have to do is email it. Stupidly after 11 years I only have a one-week notice period, because nobody ever reviewed or updated it when I became permanent in 2007, not even when I transferred to a new company in 2016 (we were taken over by a bigger competitor, this has been an absolute disaster which may even sink the company). There has been a run of recent redundancies but despite me offering to take voluntary, they made my pregnant colleague redundant instead.

Plan to leave at Easter and take a bit of time off while the weather’s nice®. I held on this long because I didn’t want to be out of work over the winter, I’d rather it be when I can get out and about a bit more.

I don’t take this decision lightly, but the fact that my line manager has gone on holiday for two weeks without even telling me at exactly the same time as the only other person doing this job has been made redundant, passing all of her work onto me without even discussing it with me, does make this decision slightly easier.


been asked for a total re-edit of a film to new music by 12pm because it doesn’t ‘make the future seem exciting enough’

fuckkk offf corporaaaate priiiiiicksss



I once had a client asking me for a website to feel ‘rounder’


Was probably a bit dramatic over the past week but it has been complete torment, and everything I said would happen when I resigned…has happened, and they don’t seem to grasp that its not a self fulfilling prophecy.

They’ve been pretty sly in that they persuaded me to stay on the promise of a better job in Mid-January,and now thats gone they don’t think there will be anything for 18 months, and due to senior manager positions being created can’t even promise the surety of this fucking job.

This is someones life, what a bunch of bastards,


I really need a new job. This one is just making me sad and ill. :frowning:


So, never noticed this thread really before. I’m making a change.

Going to move back to Glasgow. I am waiting to hear back from one interview, and have a bunch of applications in on jobs that I think I’d be pretty good at / would really like, but the main deal is that we are done with living somewhere where we have no friends, no support, and nowhere to actually go when it’s raining. I’m dying to take the kids to an actual real museum. Jesus.

So that’s me. I hope it works out. Fuck it, I am going to make it work out.


ah of course, the way to make the future seem more exciting. add dubstep :man_facepalming:


"this doesn’t even feel futuris-
this is everything we as a people should be"