How's your career / existential crisis going?


i think i need to leave london forever


Got to a point where I’m actually interested in this.


(still time to apply for this @Epimer


Think I’m more qualified for the rules one, tbqfh.


I’m put off by it being an 18m contract. :frowning:

A while ago, I wrote to a bunch of penoid games places about how they write their rules and if they’d ever consider using a third party to do it. I honestly think I could do it pretty well - it uses the skills I get praised for in my job but I’d be writing about stuff I enjoyed.
Only two replied and they were quite FO, M7.


I think some places do this - and they really should. The last person you want writing a rulebook is the designer.

You should totally apply, for the Bugman’s Bar discount if nothing else.

heard they’re actually awful to work for


I’ve heard the same


I’m currently doing three people’s work and haven’t seen my boss in almost three weeks


Basically been doing one thing, now some people (admittedly people who are quite biased towards liking me) have told me I could do the thing I love and am good (enough) at for money. Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


This year I’m doing a School Direct PGCE with the aim of becoming a secondary school chemistry teacher. It is BY FAR the most difficult thing I’ve ever done in my life. It’s 10 times harder than doing a PhD.

You’ve probably all heard complaints from teachers about workload, but when you’re training you have that (well, it’s less hours teaching but because you’re a novice planning and everything takes you much longer) as well as being under constant scrutiny from teachers and the university, and you have university assignments to do as well.

My life has changed so that it’s unrecognisable, I barely have ANY free time. Most days the only time I have to myself is the commute and having a shit. It’s very stressful and I’m trying to cultivate an attitude of organised ambivalence in order to not have a breakdown. On the plus side, I’m getting better at the actual teaching and I’m actually finding that part of it quite fun. The endless planning though…


My gf and my best friend have both done this and been fully exhausted. It’ll get easier with time, and you’ll have a growing stock of lesson plans too. Both enjoy teaching more now that they are out of the training year.


If it’s any consolation, the endless planning will make you better at the teaching.

I was shit at planning and my NQT school got really bored of checking at the end of the year so by the time I was getting challenged again in my second year, I’d completely lost the knack.


I have managed to claw some of my life back now I’m three years into teaching. It gets easier!


Compared to the other students I seem to be getting a tougher time from teachers. Hopefully it makes NQT year easier.


That was the way it looked for the scientists I knew too - you don’t have the luxury of throwing something together the night before if you need to order chemicals and equipment.


Scottish based DiSers who know about film and have fundraising and development experience - this looks like a cracking opportunity.


i don’t want a job editing programmes about yachting, do i? i definitely dont.




If I lived in Glasgow I’d apply for this for sure.

(Try and negotiate the salary up though because it’s way too low for the responsibility)


Sent off the best application I’ve ever done this morning.


are there any?