How's your career / existential crisis going?


you might become a yacht convert



i doubt it


Just move to Glasgow Geoff! It’s pretty cool :grinning:

Real life dissing

this has been really bumming me out recently, maaan. I’m just completely incapable of doing basically everything and anything, no matter how basic.


My friend does this. She gets to travel to some great places.


I’d be tempted myself but my wife would NEVER have it.

Real life dissing


Went and resigned, didn’t I.


ohhhhh. how did they take it? How do you feel now?


Hasn’t really sunk in yet because I’m still working, although I did go over my plan / pros & cons etc quite a few times to psych myself up and although I’m not exactly bursting with excitement I never felt like it was the wrong thing and neither does anyone I’ve asked.

Response from my boss was a one line email - ‘Sorry you’ve decided to leave, I will set up a call to discuss handover’, and that was it. I am not looking for them to beg me to stay but I was quite surprised by the callousness of it, especially given that there are only three people who are system admins for the database which supports our function and they have already fired the other two. I am already getting bombarded by requests from users forwarded to me since the last person left. Genuinely no idea what they’re going to do.

I shouldn’t be surprised if course, when I told them a couple of weeks ago that I would have to consider my future if they dumped the other girl’s work on me, I got absolutely no response, not even an email.

Makes leaving a lot easier, at least.


I just want to be a poet now :frowning:


I am a bit confused about what it is you want. Very much sounds like crave you validation.

Never forget that you are just a number on someone else’s spreadsheet. They will use that number to inform themselves and make decisions about the business. Not your personal circumstance, not your personality and not your diligence; none of this matters to them.

Stop worrying about what they’ll do once you leave. Who cares? Focus on yourself and what you will do next.

this is harsh but I write it with good intentions


I’m not worrying, I never said I was, I just said I’m surprised they’re not doing anything. My manager has two direct reports, it’s not like I emailed HR and expect them to beg me to stay.

The tone of your post does come across as unnecessarily mean. I was asked what the company’s response was, and I gave it.


To be fair to the management, they’re probably as fucked off with it as you…

Not an excuse, but it sounds like they’re going through the motions trying to put as little energy into it as possible…


^ this. never forget that unless they’re the owner your boss is probably just as irked by the company as you are.


Honestly it feels like the ship is sinking. You’re right my boss probably feels completely screwed as a result of all the departures and he’s gone for passive silence over ‘OH MY GOD WE’RE FUCKED!’


Yes I believe one senior person in our department walked out because his people were being fired and he had no say in who stayed and who left.

My own boss said he saw 20 people marched into a room and told to clear their desks there and then. Even he seemed quite shaken by it.


i imagine it’s both numbing but also a very clear warning sign that they’re likely next.


He knows he is safe, and when he told us (at the same time as telling us other people were leaving), it was a bit like that scene in The Office where a load of people are made redundant and he tells ‘Good news is, I’ve been promoted…’


I hate working in offices. like I think it’s actually a mortal blow to the spirit of Man, offends my inner Power Animal or something.