How's your career / existential crisis going?


Have daydreams about being a PI (thanks Strike) because it looks undeniably cool.


Nag, it’s fine. Would rather work in an office than deal with the public.


Planning on applying for a kids’ English teaching camp in Berlin over the summer because I feel like I’m running out of options and even if the work’s crap it’ll be a good laugh to be in Berlin for a few weeks in summer.


Feeling really blue about this today. Can someone please change my life


I can’t really comment on a career change having, well, never had a career. But you say you have lots to give but no idea what you want to do. I know - especially if you have a history of mental health struggles - trying to figure out what you want to do exactly can be hard, but it is probably the place to start.

A good friend of mine decided to go to night school this year, he’s exhausted but it’s been incredibly useful for his MH, for his optimism and self-motivation, and for future direction. I hope you can find the energy and motivation to do so if you think it’s something you want do try.


Depends on whether or not you think you can deal with the rejection part of the applying process which happens to everyone and can be shit.

If you’re cool with that you have literally nothing to lose by applying for anything that you want and getting a job is mostly about luck so worrying about the rejection is futile. Not hearing back is wank but if you remember that there might be hundreds of applicants and they’ve not got the time to reply to everyone. Also don’t get excited about any position until you have signed a contract.


@safebruv thanks both, you’re spot on, and that helps. Thanks!


yeah honestly man, keep plugging away. ten years’ experience doing anything where you’ve moved up through the ranks looks good to anyone even if it’s not exactly the right field.


The lovely @laelfy gave me some pointers for a big application I was doing, and they invited me to interview (woo!) however in typical dingaling style I’m stressed about it.

I was asked to ‘come prepared to discuss’ three topics including ideas for types of content etc. So I merrily have been doing research and making notes all weekend.

The interview is tomorrow, and this morning it just dawned on me that maybe they want some sort of presentation and I am now shitting bricks, because I can’t seem to wrestle all my discussion points into anything with a bit of style and flair, lol.

WHY DIDN’T I JUST ASK TO CLARIFY??? Either way it’s gonna be seen as a negative so I’ve fucked it before I’ve even turned up. goddd what a dilbert

shit I don’t think this is even the right thread


If they wanted you to do a presentation specifically, they would/should have used those words. You’ll do great.



If they’d wanted a presentation they would have specified it and for how long etc. Presentations almost always happen at a second interview as well.

Good luck! :crossed_fingers:


Good luck!


Is it possible to over-prepare for an interview?

Just had an interview for a job I really want and think I got so nervous trying to say the ‘right’ thing that I actually just came across a jabbering mess :disappointed:


I did this as well :joy: (thank you everyone for your good luck :sparkling_heart:)


got like three things I’m waiting to hear back from

so annoying

so unlucky


Solidarity between messy interviewees :fist:

Let’s hope our ramshackle charms shone through!



I’ve been making a little niche in work for myself, got much more autonomy, doing more interesting work and know that I’m good at it. Review stuff is happening now and I’ve got a decent chance at promotion, and if not should at least get a pay bump and a juicy bonus. Also building loads of transferable skills.
Working my arse off and am a bit worried that I might be spreading myself a bit thin, don’t really mind the hours but some of it is under ridiculous pressure for v. Important stuff requested at unreasonable time frames and so mistakes can creep in and then I’m screwed. Also my office is closing in April so it’ll be a mix of commuting to Leeds and working from WFH home (pay will be going up to cover this but would much rather work in an office a 10 minute walk away than either of these things)
Just a little vent really. Could be worse. Diamond spade death


My ramshackle charm did not shine through


Aw no :pensive: