How's your career / existential crisis going?


Didn’t get it.

Essentially can’t talk myself up enough, but then I don’t really feel like I’ve achieved much in the last twelve months to talk up? Like in terms of ~making a difference~ to things I’ve worked on. I’ve learnt a lot, and there are some things. But generally? Nah.

Apparently they’re going to be advertising more posts “relatively soon” and they’re going to work with me so I can be in a better position. But I don’t know if I can cope with going through this again?

Eurgh, you’d think I was applying for senior management, not a one-off-the-bottom-rung posting.


Had pre employment medical screening today - actually went okay and was declared fit for the job so that’s a huge relief (though got the sense that the report was essentially ‘she’s covered by the equality act so we don’t have a choice’).

So if the other vetting bits have passed it’s just a case of references. They need a reference from my current employer so I asked them to let me know before taking it up so that I could speak to my boss before she gets the email - hope that doesn’t send alarm bells, it’s just that it’s a very small organisation and my boss has recently promoted me.

Still not letting myself get complacent though; the process isn’t exactly transparent. Wondering a little bit if I should have aimed higher salary-wise (it’s just a few hundred more than current salary) but the salary scale ranges about £7k so may be hope for increasing in future. Though the benefits potentially add on thousands in terms of overall value.

They recruited two people at the same time, and as I have a month notice period, the other woman will have been in the role for a few weeks already - hoping that won’t be awkward.


Congrats! Could you speak to current employer about negotiating a shorter notice period?


Probably won’t - they’ll need to recruit for two roles, and it’s terrible timing for them.

Would it be weird on actually leaving (as in on or after last day) to give my boss a card or letter explaining how much her belief in me and support has changed my life? Without getting too soppy. I feel like what I’m doing is so ungrateful considering.


Not weird at all! Sounds like a really nice thing to do, and to receive.


it’s totally normal to ask to be informed before your current employer is contacted for a reference or for a chance to speak to them first. i think most employers understand it’s a bit awkward if your boss finds out you’re leaving from your new employer asking for a reference

good luck with the job :four_leaf_clover::+1:


anyone got any advice about doing presentations in job interviews where you don’t know the topic in advance?

on the one hand it seems really mean not to give the topic, but on the other hand i’m glad i don’t have to waste the next week preparing for it


Focus on structure, maybe get a template in your head of sections and timings and then fit the subject to that. Also go for depth over breadth whatever the topic is


I’ve had to do it in the past for teaching jobs.

Don’t get caught up in making loads of slides/ flip chart pages - chances are they just want you to talk through a mind map.



A what now?


Let Tony talk you through it:


I only went and got the bloody job, didn’t I? :tada::nerd_face::hugs::woman_scientist:t2:


Ah, so THIS is the part where you start to panic and wake up thinking you made the wrong decision :frowning:


:facepunch:t3: 𝕊𝓶Ⓐ𝓢H⒠𝔇 ⅈ𝗧


You made the right decision, this is just your brain being a dick.



Just found out I’m moving departments on Monday. Kind of been sprung on me. Totally unexpected and in a bit of a daze.

Not unhappy about it, just… really shocked


Ha, ditto.

Me yesterday: Full of bravado. Sick of working for other people - been doing it for 20 years. Got plenty of contacts that would employ me as a freelance consultant. Let’s do this.

Me today (slightly hungover): Oh dear, what the fuck have I done.




Thank you! DiS has been well helpful over the past few months, you are all v v good eggs :slight_smile:


i’ve applied for a job that i don’t want and don’t think i’ll get but have to schlep 2 hours there and back on monday for an interview. dunno what i’m doing with myself tbh.