How's your career / existential crisis going?


Yeah you’re probably right, to be honest I often wake up thinking OH MY GOD A HORRIBLE THING IS WRONG and then once I reach full consciousness I realise that the thing is not wrong at all and it’s a sort of early morning, semi-conscious amnesia/panic.

I have already told everyone I’m leaving (and got myself into a bit of trouble for omitting certain people), as a sort of fail safe. I’ve told everyone so I’d look a right tool if I took it back now.


Seems a promotion is on the horizon (but nothing yet confirmed) but now amd wondering if I have the mental capacity for it.

circular rant

Just had something shoved on me and just got fucking livid about it, and despite pushing back was basically told to do it anyway. Ended up just leaving the building and going for a drink. Probably doesn’t help that I’m not in the best place right now in general and maybe it will get better, and I for sure know that here is the same if not better than it would be anywhere else. On the one hand I know it’s because I push myself to get stuff done and I’m therefore trusted with more, on the other I don’t know how much I can keep at it and still manage to spend most of my day feeling useless and like a fraud.

tl;dr I should probably fix my health both physically and mentally


I was supposed to have a job interview this morning, turned up, then it turned out the recruitment agent hadn’t actually booked it so I made the trip for nothing. She also said she’d be able to get me an interview for Thursday, then it turns out she actually can’t and doesn’t know when it’ll be.

Considering telling them not to bother.


Might be worth it just for interview practice?


Stated to my boss I was willing to discuss staying on a bit if the deal was right but ended up with both of us worse off, so one of us is the world’s worst negotiator. I don’t think he even understood what I was saying, which could have been my fault or his.


yeah i#m gonna go irregardless*


Please be specific about the people you owe drinks.

I think I’ve liked several of your posts, thus providing high level positive energy.


Well done dings!


I am not terrible at my job :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Had to deal with a ‘tricky’ situation today and I handled it really well.


Deffo a drink in it for you, @laelfy and many more but I will have to go go through my records for a more accurate list :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Make sure you treat yourself too!


You would’ve smashed it regardless of my help! :+1::+1::+1:


Been offered a place for graduate entry medicine, so looks like I’ll be making a slight career change soon!

Got another interview next week at Nottingham, which may be better career-wise, but think I (and the tv) would be happier down in London. Dunno whether or not to do the interview now, trains are already booked like. DECISIONS!


nobody is happier in london, man.


I have the tiniest impression I’d like it more than living/being based in Derby though!


I’ve been applying for jobs at places i left ten or fifteen years ago. Pretty sure i win the thread. Literally just going to put stuff on shelves or in boxes for a grand a month because my brain and body’s broken by thi…28.


Woah think you need to stop being so pretentious, bud!!


So much about me is a little pretentious, but this? This has plenty more to do with being settled in London now, with good friends, and a wife who is very, very happy here. If it was just me, I’d be happy enough there, it’s a pleasant place. It’s not just me though.:slight_smile:


Think you need to head to castle and falcon and ask the locals about your hawty tawty plans!!!


Will do! :wink: