How's your career / existential crisis going?


New job is OK. The team seem nice, it’s in a sector I’m interested in, not too far to travel, it’s not too hard and the pay’s ok. Only pain is the hours (Saturday and Sunday 9-6, Monday to Wednesday 8-5).


i always liked having my days off in the week. like going out into town or whatever and everyone else being at work.


Sunday service on public transport is a pain.


Went to that interview. Went well I thought but they made a point of saying that my salary expectations were too high. Welp.


My boss sacked my colleague in Feb and still hasn’t even started the process to backfill.

Just sent a snarky email to the recruitment agent who’s ignoring me.


Someone’s left an invoice from a recruiter next to the printer today.

We’re all in the wrong job.


Just seen the result :smiley: cheers DiS



Looking at what we pay contractors, I reckon (if I could be arsed with the admin/risk) I could earn a fair bit more than I do now by working as a contractor in my field (lol, like a meadow!)


No employment rights though, having to sort out your own tax, no paid holidays or sick days etc. IME it all evens out over the piece and I’d go for employment every time.


The holidays and sick days bit would be workable (barely ever use all my holidays and very rarely sick touch wood) but fucking about with my own tax and having to chase work towards the end of each contract would ruin it for me.


Plus all it takes is for some arsehole to decide they don’t like you and you’re terminated without cause and can’t do a fucking thing about it.




Don’t forget lack of a workplace pension. Free free money. (Variable as fuck obvs).


Decided to work for 1 more year, sack it off, get married and go travelling for as long as we can afford for honeymoon.

Feels good man


Sounds like somebody’s got a case of the Mondays!


Spent all weekend discussing this :smile:


Bf wants to start saving for us to go travelling for a few months. I can take a sabbatical at work so it’ll be ok.

He wants to do a year with working along the way (ewww) where i’d rather do a few months as a holiday


Do it, We’re planning on trying not to come back.

I’m gonna ask for a sabbatical too, in case everything goes wrong and we want to come back


I’d have to come back because I’ll have a mortgage. Was planning on renting out the flat for like 6 months tho.


i would wait until theres more of a decision on regulation (prob this year? maybe idk) coz thats going to affect the job massively