How's your career / existential crisis going?


Sell your house and spend the money


But I like my house! I want to go back to it.


You won’t be saying that when you’re sat on a beach somewhere


I have said in other threads, but I got this job. It’s a big change, and potentially a entirely new career. This is also the first time I’m leaving a job since starting to work. I did eight years at the place I started after I graduated from, before they made me redundant, so it’s going to be the first time I’ve ever handed my notice in. quite looking forward to it.

it’s officially an internal transfer though, within the same parent organisation, but I can’t wait to get it going. it’s going to be a few months away, but we’re heading up the road to Glasgow this weekend for a few days for Easter but also for fun. why not.

I can’t tell you how insane this all feels.

Edit: Clarifying this: “and potentially a entirely new career” - it is_ a new career. It is a change from my current job, and moves my sills into a new application. So that’s really exciting but also pretty nervewracking. these is a reason I ended up moving the the Lake District; there is a lack of roles in the Central Belt, so I’d hope this this is a long term job and change. that’s the plan.


Regulation? It sounds like you know more about this?

I’m unlikely to do anything for a few years anyway but still curious.


Sat down today to try and find more videography / editing / film & TV work and I’ve spent 2 hours re-doing my CV to apply for a job in a dog & cat kennels complete with a detailed cover letter about why I want a change of scenery. Unsure if the best idea I’ve ever had or the worst procrastination I’ve ever done


The person whose job I want said that they want to leave.


what did you do to them? :confused:



@Severed799 (or anyone else in Berlin for that matter) Not sure if you’re looking for something at the mo, but this sounds right up your street:


nice! I’ve just started a new “student” job (i.e 20hrs a week) content managing for an academic jobs website but that does indeed look real good


Don’t really care about sort of job I do anymore. Decided not to be picky or selective anymore with my job search. Just want some money, structure and a life.


This is a good attitude. Well done.


Just got confirmation that vetting etc okay, so just told manager to expect a reference request. She took it better than I expected (she was like “yay, now we can be friends!”). A bit shaky now. Asked her not to say anything until job absolutely confirmed.

Hopefully I’ll know for sure by tomorrow.


signed up to a new website, uploaded my CV, applied to a job, got copy of application sent through to my email and the site has completely mangled my CV beyond recognition including changing my name to the name of a tv show i worked on, with hilarious results.

guess i wont be getting that job.


And the “oh no what have I done” has started. I will never work somewhere as lovely as this place, but it’s realistically too unstable for a single person with a dog and mortgage.

Dreading the office fminding out.


The universe is trying to tell us something (or Cambridge Analytica is taking their meddling too far…)



i read an interesting article on the Manchester Evening News earlier about how some fascist politician failed in the early 60s in Manchester

the comments?


Many of them were defending him, and somebody said ‘why are you all defending an actual, literal nazi?’… the first response to that?




Am fully in what the fuck have I done territory now :grimacing:


So they got the reference from manager on Tuesday, but haven’t confirmed appointment / starting date. I’ve phoned a couple of times and told i would get a call back from hr but noncommittal as to when.

My current boss is now pressuring me to hand in my notice, because she’s going on leave after Easter, and she needs to get job advert out today. I’ve seen the reference so I know that’s fine, but I don’t know what to do. She’s asked me to tell my other line manager this morning so they can discuss how to fill my role.