How's your career / existential crisis going?


The pain of spending time writing an unsuccessful application never really goes away I’m afraid. Don’t think of it as wasted though, there will doubtless be good chunks of it you can repurpose so it will help you in the long run.

1,500 words does sound long - was this just a cover letter. or something specific they asked for? A normal cover letter I’d normally stick to three paras or so.


It was for the application form. There were 6 criteria boxes where I had to explain why I was right for the role, each requiring 250 words max.

I knew I wasn’t going to get the job anyway as it was far too IT based and I didn’t meet the half the criteria, but yeah, I can use bits of it for future job applications, so in a way it was a Saturday very well spent (but 'kin hell maaaan it took 4ever).


Oh, well if that’s how much you had to write, then it was the right amount. I guess it varies from field to field but not al jobs make you fill in specific application forms, most will just be CV and a cover letter.


found a job that I know I would be really really qualified for but its only at my current salary which I think is way too low



I’ve worked with quite a few (older) people over the past few years who had their postgrads and various fancy training quals paid for by the organisations. Nowadays in the public sector that appears to simply be a fantasy. Oh well.


How many jobs should you apply for every day?

Might be a weird/broad question but I spent all day working on my CV (along with a professional over email) and it looks really good now - it’s amazing how much difference a bit of presentation can make.

I feel like I can apply to more jobs with confidence, and there’s a site I’ve discovered where you just upload your CV and send it off to jobs with the click of a button. You don’t even need to write cover letters (for the jobs that are advertised on it).

I applied for 5 jobs in the space of 3 minutes and idk… for some reason that seems like an awful lot of ‘progress’ to make in a short space of time. Should I go further and apply for dozens more? Why not hundreds? Seems too good to be true that this website exists. You don’t even need to constantly alter your CV (which is what has put me off until now), you just upload it once and apply for jobs that match your skills.


it doesn’t sound like a great way to find a job tbh, especially one you’d actually want to do. i mean what’s in it for the employer if all they see of you is the same cv you’ve sent to everyone else? if you were trying to hire someone wouldn’t you want some kind of detail from candidates about why they wanted that job in particular and how their skills are a good fit? i’m a bit suspicious about the sort of job that would advertise on such a site and wondering if the main purpose of the site is actually to get job seekers’ data to sell rather than help people find work


apply and interview and then if they offer it ask for more money?


Do nothing more and see how much interest you get between now and next week.

Keep a record of all of the interviews you’re offered, and as a side interest, how much spam you start receiving via email and text.


Well tbh I’m not really looking for anything that specific, at present I’m only interested in making money so I can move out (which I know sounds a bit empty). A lot of job adverts I’ve read are more of less looking for the same thing (based on the details I’ve provided, I guess they just match you up).

Well why did nobody tell me that?

Are there any reputable job search sites I should look at? I thought all job search sites were basically like that now, where you send off your CV and are given recommended jobs.


it’s been a good few years since i was job hunting outside my current company but i remember using guardian jobs. didn’t need to register or apply through that site, could just follow the link to the organisation’s website and apply there. or the only strategy that’s ever actually resulted in a job for me, which is identify organisations that employ loads of people in my area and keep an eye on their website for vacancies.


This is excellent advice.


Thanks. I’ll check that out.

How are you supposed to know these things though, if nobody ever tells you? Is everyone’s success just based on how privileged the information and advice they’re exposed to is? I didn’t know there was such a thing as good job search sites and bad job search sites until just now. I wonder if there’s a plethora of other things in my daily existence I’m doing wrong, which I don’t know about.

I mean I guess people aren’t actually told the Daily Mail is a bad newspaper.


i don’t know, i suppose this sort of thing should be covered by school careers advisers really but i won’t be surprised if they’re still as much use as mine was, ie none whatsoever. there is a lot of advice online about job searching but it’s so variable in quality, it’s like looking for a needle in a haystack.


Charity though so not really an option


ah, shite


I never bothered with my school’s careers advise dept. I don’t know anyone who did.

After having what I thought was a productive day I’m now starting to think ‘why bother doing anything’, if everything I do is wrong and based on poor advice which I’m not aware of. But I guess I’m not the only one, nobody really has a clue what they’re doing.


You’ll be wanting the moon on a stick, too?


we had an individual meeting with the careers adviser where she asked us what we were interested in and then we received an information booklet through the post about each of those topics. being a teenager i said i was interested in music and animals. this was not in any way a good way to find a career.

and don’t get disheartened! you applied for some jobs and you can apply for more another day - especially now your cv is in good shape


And look at you now with your career in making JingleCats videos on YouTube.