How's your career / existential crisis going?


You went to uni, right? They should have a careers service that can help you out with this sort of stuff.

In a lot of ways, you’re right. People with this kind of institutional knowledge are at an advantage, but you have to try and find out as much as you can from others too. That’s difficult when you’d be happy just doing a job that earns money, but have a think about what sort of broad field you’d really be interested in and go from there.


Yeah, I should probably take more advantage of it tbh. I don’t know why on earth I haven’t so far. I just find these things so complicated and daunting sometimes, can’t even find my login details for their graduate careers website.


If something seems too good to be true… you know the rest.

It’s not impossible that a site like this might pay off for you, after all, you only need to get lucky once. But generally, you’re going to have a much better chance of getting interviews if you have a cover letter that is tailored towards the place you’re applying for, at the very least. Whenever I’m job hunting, I edit the cover letter to focus on the role and company I’m applying for, and I also have a two-line personal summation bullshit thing at the top of my CV that I can change for whatever application, while leaving the rest as it is.


doesn’t sound empty to me

yep - or at least it is to some degree


don’t forget that the internet has massively opened up people’s ability to access information and advice. think about the advice you’ve received here then imagine if you didn’t have DiS as a resource

once you’ve really absorbed how true this is… and it really is very true… every time you think about how true it is you’ll find it incredibly funny (I certainly do)


said they’d let me know after easter. haven’t heard from them but they relisted the job (again) today, heh.


Have learnt a lot about the type of work I enjoy and don’t recently. Spent the year up until March teaching English part time, while skipping between cafe jobs. Main lesson was that I could never work for a Japanese company again.

Wanted to go back to full time teaching but messed it up, so now I’m on two days a week teaching and doing random translation and narration work. I’d originally wanted to do translation full time, but the lack of social interaction is terrible for me, so I’m changing my goals. Need to work on my discipline as well.

Plan is to return to the UK, but the job situation fills me with dread a bit.

If anyone has any questions about teaching English abroad, chuck 'em at me.


You should reapply again as if nothing happened before Easter


… but turn up to the interview with a fake beard and glasses.


Better practice?


Might email them and ask that now it’s after easter, the salary has risen?


there’s a job going where i work

not posting the ad publicly but if anyone wants an entry level job working as an assistant in a fundraising team, PM me and I’ll send you the ad. Would suit anyone who has some experience of fundraising (not necessarily paid work or anything complex) and wants to get in to the sector


So, is it entry level or for someone with experience?



Haha fair question – I’ve asked the recruiting manager who says that we’re willing to teach the right person everything about fundraising. If someone has experience of fundraising/volunteering/admin that’s great. The most important thing is having good communication skills and enthusiasm

It’s a very good opportunity :slight_smile:


Ahm oot


CBA reading all of the above so this may have been asked before:

Its a possibility that I’ll be working from home in 6months. The plan being that a company taking the contract that I’m on currently also takes me, installs a subtitle office/studio (i.e pays for the computers/licences etc) and I’ll just work from there, whilst the company is based in London (I’m Manchester).

What’s everyone’s experience of working FULL TIME from home? Do you get shizz done? Do you miss the social contact during the day. Do you miss the exercise of the commute? Do you ever get dressed? Do you eat better or worse?

I feel like it would be a good move but keep doubting myself.


I work at home most of the time (soon to be full time). It’s absolutely fine - provided that you can be disciplined about things like getting dressed, start/finish times etc. Above all, though, I find that I need to be very strict in making myself get out of the house daily - even if it’s just walking the dog, going out for a lunchtime bike ride, or heading out for a pint with mates in the evening. If it wasn’t for that time away from the house I think that I’d go stir crazy pretty quickly.

In terms of your other questions - I get more work done at home, and more quickly, than I have ever done in an office environment. Eating has improved - not least because at home I’m not automatically getting a depressing Tesco meal deal every day (the only option where my actual office is). I do not miss the commute in any way, shape or form.


One of my worries is that the main exercise that I get is functional, so cutting the commute will mean a big change in discipline, in that I’ll basically need to cycle to the pool every day to catch up on the exercise I get currently.


Think I’d prob hate it tbh. If I’ve got summat to work on when I’m wfh-ing I’m really productive but if I’ve not I don’t do owt. I’d prob get pretty lonely as well but I am quite a needy baby


I guess a big positive is that I would have solid work and because I work live TV, I wouldn’t be able to let work pile up or whatever, when you’re on, you’re on.


I’ve been noised up for a job where a lot of people work from home. I think it’s very simple equation for me- if I enjoy the work it’d be great and I’ll eat better and my life will be enriched, if i dislike the work it’ll be horrific and id end up fat and miserable