How's your career / existential crisis going?


Yeah, you wouldn’t be able to sit around doing nowt which is exactly what I would do if I wfh-ed full time


I desperately want to WFH and think it’d suit me well. If anyone knows of anything going let me know yeah…


no career and no money.


Join a gym or something and go every day either first thing or lunch

Winter is worse when everywhere is just dark

Aside from that it’s great. I eat better and can mess around recording music in any down time (if you have that in your job?)

I currently only do one day a week at home but would definitely do it full time again


Awful, I applied for a marketing role at Kew and got rejected without interview :sleepy: have like 2 weeks pay left so I’m panicking now. Also I bet as soon as I get a job the weather will be great and the time I have now will remain winter 9 or whatever we’re on now


I want to work in proximity of the mega rich but only the least evil ones. National trust? Just any job where I spend time in a beautiful country house but don’t have to make food for anybody.


Two bits of ‘progress’

  1. Had a one-liner in an email from my boss where she admits she’s not being fair to me.

  2. Applied for a job with a bingo company.



Careful mate, someone i know started at gala and since then he’s bingoing mad


I think you must have got lost on your way here Just lost my job designing temporary tattoos


Having a fucking shocker atm. My counterpart on the foodhall has left his position. So I’m currently managing 43 staff. I’m not getting any time to do anything other than manage the floor at the moment, due to a new team of supervisors requiring coaching, let alone any time to manage people or my accountabilities here. Not being helped by the fact my bosses can’t give me a definitive answer as to whether the guy that left is being replaced or not. Fucking shite atm.


keep getting sent job ads for video editors at buzzfeed and asos, both of whom i’ve applied to in the past when desperate and been turned down by. so, you know.


Pretty great. The person I worked with on secondment with has quit, so been asked to apply for that. My old secondment team have written a job for me, and my current manager has told me what promotion I’d get if I stay on.

All come together preeeettty nicely.


current job i’m at seems to consist of being given jobs that other people started and have made a hash of and then fixing them. one guy was literally like ‘it’s in pretty good shape, i’ve done all the hard work for you’ and it was so bad that i just started again from scratch.


Sounds familiar.


Yup. Whip things back into shape like a hero; get minimal to no recognition; give your successor the dream handover; watch them let it slide to shit quicker than you ever thought possible. #work


I’m pretty good at my job tbh


does anyone have experience of using recruiters? I’m getting really tired of spending a whole day on an application then not getting it, week in week out.


my experience is that good recruiter are great, but they’re few and far between. Word of mouth for recommendations on actual recruiters. Also worth seeking internal recruiters for big organisation you might be interested in working at - that’s my general tactic at the moment, I’m currently having a bit of a look at what’s out there.


the job I applied for a few weeks ago actually came back to me! it was to reject me at the first stage, but at least they got back to me I guess? didn’t expect to get anywhere with it but still found it pretty annoying to get turned down. oh well. have also applied somewhere else, no word yet. should really apply for other stuff soon.

in current job news, I have a team meeting tomorrow to discuss how everything is going. If it’s anything like previous meetings, everyone will agree it’s shit and then proceed to do nothing about it :clap: