How's your career / existential crisis going?


Does anybody work in mental health?

Applying for nursing jobs (for the second time…as I had a job lined up last year until I delayed my course)…and I’ve got offered another PICU (Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit) position…I’m attracted to these because it’s the thin edge of the care wedge…and also I’m pretty good in crisis situations…but I’ve never been in one before. Anybody got any experience of what to expect? I have worked in secure care and expect there to be some similarities…


working on a corporate video for a company basically giving themselves a pat on the back for having the genius to come up with the idea of using emojis in their ad campaign.

might jump out of a window.



May be worth asking in the depression and/or neurodiversity threads? Some people in those may have some experience of them, even if only as patients/family rather than staff.


A spin teacher I like and respect has started doing instructor training…

I might explore this later in the year. I don’t think i’m fit enough though (genuinely, I struggle!) so I may have to work on some things first but quite exciting if I can do that on the side.


Just go for it Meow.


I’ll speak to her when I see her on Wednesday (she’s also my new personal trainer :smiley: )

But seriously they have to have so much fitness and I don’t think i’m quite there yet. Plus I feel painfully shy. I’ve only really just started talking to people i’ve said “hi” to each day for the last 18 months :crying_cat_face:


you’ll get there


if you started doing spinning classes I would definitely come fwiw


:smiley: I’ll play good tunes!!

I’ll see how I feel about it a little later in the year. Might be my turning-30 crisis move.


I’ve stopped talking to someone at my work. He’s ‘known for’ being sarcastic and making BANTEROUS comments but the only thing he says to me are things that seem designed to put me down and make me feel bad. Just small comments made over about 2 years. I mentioned it to someone last night and they were were surprised but I said it feels like the only interaction I have with him is designed to make me feel bad. the only thing he said to me yesterday was when I walked in the door and he sarcastically said loudly to everyone “ohhh. It’s Gonna be fine [me]’s here” it’s not a big comment in itself but it’s part of a long time thing but I don’t think anybody would see it as a bad thing. I also don’t respond when he talks like that so you’d think he’d stop. The other day he was like “it’s so easy even you could do it” about some simple task. It’s just an accumulation that makes me feel bad I guess. Anyway I’ll apply for a good job soon.


the ones I’ve attempted to use have been completely useless (like only sending me jobs that I’m really clearly not qualified for which they ought to realise if they bothered to look at my CV) but my flatmate got a job through one of the agencies (can’t remember which one) that did absolutely nothing for me so yeah. I dunno, might be worth a shot still, but it seems like a completely mixed bag


i’m grudgingly aware that we should try to treat people like this with kindness because this sort of behaviour clearly comes from a place of massive insecurity, but i know from experience how incredibly fucking draining it is to deal with this shit on a daily basis (as you said, even small, seemingly fairly innocuous comments can have a serious cumulative effect over time) so i think it’s entirely understandable that you’d want to stop talking to him.

this sort of semi-covert bullying seems to be rife and it’s incredibly depressing. i hope you find something better soon :slight_smile:


Thank you!


give me his details and i’ll flame him?


now moved onto congratulating themselves for being so ruddy bloody brave for moving to a new premises. imagine being one of these people.


Take it to the First Time Buyers’ Thread, pal…


They announced some exceptional performance awards today for the first time in about 14 months. Both teams I was in over that period got them, but I wasn’t included.

I can sort of take that with the team I left last July, but the one I left in January, who got it for something I worked on for six months, and for which I got really good feedback?

Good stuff. Havin’ a great day. :zipper_mouth_face::hammer:


He sounds like a dolt mate. Have a word with your manager if you think you can! That’s what they’re there for :+1:


Have you thought about calling him out on it? Probably the worst thing you can do (apart from let it continue), is to wait until you can’t take any more and have a complete meltdown in his face (to which he/everyone in the office will go ‘oooOOOOOOoo’). But if he says something something cruel and unnecessary then just ask as calmly as possible ‘do you really have to speak to me like that?’ It’ll probably be awkward for a bit but he might stop and if he carries on/gets worse then you can escalate it because he can’t say he didn’t know it bothers you. Personally, I would do it in earshot of other people because it might shame him into being less of a tool with everyone and chances are everyone hates him anyway.

My boss once did the ‘I look like I’m scratching my face but really I’m giving you the finger’ once in a meeting (because apparently, she’s 11), and I called her right out on it. Did not feel embarrassed about calling an absolute tool, an absolute tool and don’t care if people think I ‘don’t have a sense of humour’ as a result.