How's your career / existential crisis going?


I applied for too many jobs and now they’re all getting back to me and also I kept going to interviews after I’d been offered a job and people keep giving me jobs.


They called me at 9 at night to arrange an interview but I didn’t pick up because I was cooking dinner.


what a weird time to call


i agree


Tried calling the number back this morning and it gets me through to their customer number. Sake.


I had a big lunch and wasn’t hungry until then


One week left in work! :slight_smile:


Pretty sure they’re actively managing me out now.

Ramping up the job applications now but getting no bites.

I, for one, am looking forward to being unemployed within months of buying a house.


*refurbished house


I’ve been offered two jobs and I think I know which one I’ll go for but I don’t know if I should go for it? One is council admin at an assisted living place. Updating records taking minutes. Whatever administrators do. The other is helpdesk assistant which I think would
Involve some of those things but its also about greeting people in a university law department. Public facing.

The council one is a tiny office with maybe one other person in a small town off the A1. The university one is a big institution in a city with presumably hundreds of potential co worker friends.

Council seems a bit more ‘important’ and getting away from interacting with the public into an office seems to be an upward trajectory as far as careers go. Also I am ANXIOUS SHY AND AWKWARD. People I know think it would be good for me to interact with students and lecturers and visitors on the regular. Weird that the interviewers thought I’d be good at this job. Mainly though it’s the location that makes me want the uni one. Despite it seeming like a worse job? I guess both involve similar tasks.

Anyway it’s two days a week at the uni and they’ve told me which days and a start date which work well with my own uni work. whereas the council one haven’t.

I’ve gone back to picking up an hour a day reacting to Facebook adverts which makes me an extra £300 a month and I can do it on my phone from bed before I sleep.


what on earth is this?


The thing about customer services is that it grinds you down over time. If you’re only working 2 days a week I reckon you could cope with that, and it’d give you the space to work on pretending to be nice to strangers without finding it exhausting.


I used to do a similar thing for bing too. Rate search results so when someone Google’s ‘fish puns’ they reach the good stuff.

With this one I open up messenger and rate an advert telling them why I hate seeing adverts for ‘shocking. Final picture. 20 dead’s celebs. must see’.


It’s Thursday/Friday too so everyone will have that Friday feeling. Hopefully that’s an easy day where everyone goes home early anyway.


Yeah Fridays are great


at the stage again where I’m like, well there’s literally no point in me applying for any jobs because nobody in the world would be stupid enough to ever consider giving me one


Boris Johnson was foreign secretary.


I’d like to think I’m slightly less of cunt than him


id go for the uni one, sounds more fun. best way to decide is a poll tho obvs

  • council one
  • uni one

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Didn’t get a job I thought I had a decent shot at, found out my friend got one of the positions even though he told me he fucked up a section of the interview pretty badly.

Weird happy-irked emotional combo right now