How's your career / existential crisis going?


If you can afford it do it. Treat yourself. Working is fucking wank


So my current job required I go through a security clearance process - this ended up taking almost five months (I was told 6-8 weeks). It was a totally opaque process where if I asked it anything in particular was holding it up (so I could try to resolve it) I was just told it was “ongoing”.

All this time I was working in a call centre job and growing increasingly depressed, thinking I may never get to start it. I eventually got my clearance letter at the start of December, and arranged a start date for the beginning of January. I immediately sacked off the call centre and spent three weeks doing very very little and it was delightful.


Had a terrible call centre job once. Quit and watched the Winter Olympics for a few weeks and then found another job. Great days


So my company is letting me work remotely for the next month, and probably the month after that, but then I think they’ll probably let me go just due to the practicalities.

I’ve been looking for something similar here but I’m a bit worried so far, all the jobs seem to be a bit corporate and I’m looking for something more start-uppy/small. Where would I find a job like this? My current boss found me, so I’m not sure where to start.

Just hope I can find something half decent that doesn’t suck my soul out.




Yeah, I’ve been keeping my eye on that, added a few randoms and messaged them so let’s see if anything comes of that.


I’d also like to hear people’s thoughts about the digital nomad thing


I also think being socially anxious and introverted has forced me into working really hard, in a way. It’s turned me into a workaholic. I actually find it amazing how many people always want to stop and have a chat, and how much this slows their/your progress down. I’m noticing a lot of people have this really childish need to interact with someone every 5 minutes.


So I will be spending a few months in sunny Brisbane next year… decent contrast with the usual daily existential doom and gloom here


Didn’t you move with work? Did I get that wrong?


We’ll look forward to all of your overnight replies like when @theo posts.


No… the tv did. I came along as his common law partner.


Ah, OK.

What do you do? Do you need a permit?


Oh I have an open work permit, so I’m all fine and dandy on that front and can do pretty much whatever I want (not work in healthcare or education), just need to get applying.


you’re in canada, right?

if i was you i’d probably end up caning the biftas all day for a week and then realise i’d made a terrible error of judgement

no idea what i’d do after that

either way, good luck


Stupid yet inevitable but I feel so stupid for dropping out of my masters :confused:


Has anyone turned down a job they had previously accepted?

In short:

A: Temp contract was running out in my current place of work
B: Decent post comes up, better money and permanent contract
C: I interview for the job, get offered it and verbally accept it
D: Current work offer to improve on the offer.

So I’m sat here with the HR forms for the new job (not yet signed) and an almost guarantee of an even better contract from my current job (should get it confirmed early next week, obviously won’t make a decision until it’s in writing).

I’m probably going to stick with my current work based on ‘better the devil you know’ logic. This place isn’t perfect but I know very little about the new office other than the hiring manager was lovely. Having said that, my current work is currently restructuring and I’ll be getting a new line manager and different work location, so it has an element of the unknown about it too. Maybe the loyalty i ultimately show to my current work will pay off in the future? Idk, there’s an element of laziness about it too, no need to settle in at a new place after Christmas.

Anyway, I’m going to have to turn the other place down. It’s been less than two weeks since I interviewed and I haven’t signed anything, but still feels like I’m wasting their time. Is a letter to the HR adviser I’ve dealt with sufficient? I read some sites that suggest a call is the best way, but they’re those US websites where they make everything sound like you’ve gone for the role of CEO at some multinational.


Phone call explaining is better. They might offer you more money


Had a very similar experience. Accepted a job and my current job offered more money (and no house move needed) so had to turn the other one down.

Felt like a bit of a dick but you have to do what’s right for you.

The other place did offer to match the money but still I stayed where I was.

All fine in the end.


Starting first ‘real’ job where I actually care about doing well and stuff. I imagine the first day will be training and stuff as there’s a consignment of us starting. Nervous enough about meeting loads of new people or fucking everything up but sure