How's your career / existential crisis going?


If you reject the job offer then you will be sent to prison for about 14 years


Hahahahahahaha etc


just found out something I did in my old job has been the most successful project of the year

it was all my original idea, I wrote the business case made the contacts etc before leaving

someone else is gonna get an award for it at the xmas party lmao


Wasn’t sure whether to like it or not, but well done!!


Been having my first proper unfiltered experience of senior managers in recent weeks, as I near the end stage of a major organisational project that, at times, I’ve basically been left to do entirely on my own (with a couple of consultants)…

Jesus, what a bunch of snakes they are. Fucking useless snakes too. Should say they all think I’ve done a good job with what I’ve been able to do, but they’re getting tetchy because no one paid any attention to the project for about 5 months (the most crucial months of the project), and now they’ve just noticed that the system we’re implementing won’t be some kinda intuitive AI system that will minimize any and all manual input, meaning their wage budgeting and re-org plans are now all messed up.


as a senior manager, I can confirm that this is true

(except me)