How's your career / existential crisis going?


If you reject the job offer then you will be sent to prison for about 14 years


Hahahahahahaha etc


just found out something I did in my old job has been the most successful project of the year

it was all my original idea, I wrote the business case made the contacts etc before leaving

someone else is gonna get an award for it at the xmas party lmao


Wasn’t sure whether to like it or not, but well done!!


Been having my first proper unfiltered experience of senior managers in recent weeks, as I near the end stage of a major organisational project that, at times, I’ve basically been left to do entirely on my own (with a couple of consultants)…

Jesus, what a bunch of snakes they are. Fucking useless snakes too. Should say they all think I’ve done a good job with what I’ve been able to do, but they’re getting tetchy because no one paid any attention to the project for about 5 months (the most crucial months of the project), and now they’ve just noticed that the system we’re implementing won’t be some kinda intuitive AI system that will minimize any and all manual input, meaning their wage budgeting and re-org plans are now all messed up.


as a senior manager, I can confirm that this is true

(except me)


Alright DiS, anyone ever been really just given tasks to do that are miles away from what you were supposed to be doing?

Say you’re an Accountant, being paid as such, but for some reason things spiralled and you’re basically mopping the floors every day. WTF are you supposed to do?


ask a manager might be good for stuff like this, eg -


Make an expression like this, then say nothing and mop the floors to the best of your ability



Pretty much no job I’ve been hired to do in an office has ended up doing what it should have been. Weird places.


Is it just me or are managers… often pricks? Sorry if that offends anyone. I’m just realising how unaware of the actual situation my manager(s) are at work when us underlings get on with the things we’re told to do. Then something goes wrong, it’s always our fault and we’re the one’s who get told off when it’s quite often a misjudgement on their behalf. They’re always so unaware of the shit that happens which we have to deal with, which is technically their responsibility for not managing this shit properly, yet nothing gets done because they never notice it. But no, it’s always the fault of the exploitable scum beneath you while you rake in 70K a year. Seems unfair.


Haven’t heard back from either of my interviews and all the jobs I am finding are not really up my street. I know it’s mid-December but hopefully something will come along.


It will, eventually, and when you get that job you’ll be glad you waited.


Got a bit of a conundrum at the mo. Interviewing for a few jobs and have one in particular I’m not sure about. They approached me to apply and after initially saying no because I wasn’t sure if it was right for me they persisted (presumably because I’ve one of a few who’ll will have the unusually diverse experience they’re looking for). Anyway the next stage is a very, very involved presentation which will require substantial amounts of work and will involve flying to another country for. If I put in the work and let them arrange flights and hotels but then pull out because I’ve had another offer (fingers crossed) then I’ll be a bit of a dick, right? Maybe I’m gettig massively ahead of myself because people have been approaching me this time. Last time it took me six months to get a job :grimacing:


Would you work weekends if told to

  • I would
  • I would not
  • I would do it but hate myself whilst grumbling

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It’s just a job. People pull out all the time because of all kinds of reasons.


Nah even if I earned more money doing that I think it would be very bad for my mental health, unless I loved my job so much.


Have you told your managers all this stuff that is happening?


Or maybe I’m just having a really bad day.


Yes but because everyone’s always busy and always in a rush there’s never much time to actually explain your side of the story - it’s that hectic. There’s never much opportunity for you to explain that it’s actually their fault sometimes. The communication is almost set up in a way that it must be your fault.