How's your career / existential crisis going?


Have to do so sometimes due to workload. I told my manager yesterday that I hate doing this because it’s only borrowing time from your future self and you’ll run out of steam eventually.

He looked like I’d said something very profound, then made no suggestions on how to change this.




There were a few times in my recent job where weekends were mooted as a possibility*. My view is that if working weekends is valuable and productive, then no problem.

If it’s just to get people to do things cos they can, then that’s idiotic on almost every conceivable level.

*I also worked a lot of weekends on top of a normal working week, for one reason or another.


If the job I applied for was weekends, yeah.


Ok, yeah I get how that happens a lot, but if there’s stuff going on that you don’t like you need to find a way to make them know that, do you have a probation review coming up or have you had that?

Also, btw, your NHS managers are earning nowhere near 70k, absolutely nowhere near.


Had a job interview over a week ago, the MOTHER FUCKERS haven’t even had the decency to respond and are ghosting my emails. Pricks. I can’t believe they’ve been like this, I spent so long researching the company and prepping for the interview. After all the time I put into it, and the general stress that goes along with being interviewed, it’s massively inconsiderate of them to ignore me.


did they say when they would get back to you?

i also had an interview over a week ago, but they told me they were interviewing some people this week as well, so i’m still hoping for good news.

EDIT: link them to this thread?


I expect they’ve offered it to someone else but are holding out on telling you in case it falls through. You have my sympathies.


oh man do you think that’s also the case for me?


Nope, not if they’ve told you they’re interviewing people this week. Generally people don’t decide straight away, they have to fill in assessments and then schedule a meeting to get everyone together to make a decision and that can take aaagess. I only suggested it for kb as they’ve been ignoring them.


fab, i’ll keep crossing my fingers then.

i once had an interview at [redacted] and it took them SIX (6) weeks to tell me i didn’t get the job.


They said “we’ll try to respond by the end of the week” last week. I suspect it’s what @laelfy is saying, but ignoring my emails is bang out of order. I don’t know why they don’t just tell me if they’ve offered it to somebody else, they’re clearly not bothered about trying not to upset or offend me.


it’s really common for it to take longer than they say and “over a week” isn’t that long really. the best thing you can do after an interview is mentally write it off as though you haven’t got the job, try to put it out of your mind and let it be a nice surprise if you do get it.


still waiting to hear back from my interview, but apparently people have been OOO this week so, yeah. still fingers crossed.

also my current job have offered me to still work on a project in jan but on a freelance basis. dunno how i feel about this. on the one hand, yay, work and money. but on the other hand it’s super boring work, and i have to file VAT returns and all that crap. i mean i know i should do it if i don’t find anything else but the thought is not that appealing.

fingers crossed i get that job, eh?!?!?!


Right that’s it. I’m seriously considering handing my notice in, as I’m very quickly starting to realise my manager is an absolutely horrible vile human being who is making my life an unnecessary misery. Today was terrible as I expected it would be, that’s the last straw.

It’s not ideal but I’m not sure I can cope with much more of this ridiculous crap to be honest. I really do think my manager is a bully, the way I’m spoken to and made to feel can’t be acceptable. Actually left work today feeling like crying, it was that bad.

I mean I never wanted this job anyway, I was just desperate for a bit of money, which I have now, so :fu:


What are the best job listings sites going atm? Are there any where I can send in applications and know that there aren’t 2,000 others going in at the same time?

Have been in my civil service role for 8 months and simply don’t have enough work to do, it’s driving me a bit crazy. People, pay and general working environment are good, but I feel like I am stagnating a bit and not putting my brain to it’s best use.

And as ever, the feeling that I should be doing something creative with my life rather than following the same prescribed uni > standard career path as expected of me continues to simmer under the surface.


Can I ask what you’ve been doing at the CS, roughly? I’m just about to start as a policy officer next month and while I’m very excited for the money and more regulated working hours … I’m also concerned that it’ll be pretty unchallenging and won’t lead me into an especially interesting direction.

Definitely going to give it a good go and everything, but can’t help your instincts sometimes.


I haven’t had an especially positive experience with job listing sites - either no response or (fake?) listing that result in loads of spam.

If you see stuff you like on those sites, you might be better checking back through the vacancies page of the specific companies - look at where you want to work rather than waiting for them to advertise.

Dunno though - education is different to real jobs.


I can’t go in to detail about my actual role. However I can say that I applied in a departmental wide recruitment drive for data analysts and was placed in a small team which doesn’t really match what was promised in terms of job description or workload.

At the same time as that I was also offered a job at DCLG to be a corporate and policy officer. I turned it down because the role I took was a higher grade and salary. With hindsight I should have chosen that I think.