How's your career / existential crisis going?


I deliver 100%. Nothing for me to learn. I’m STARS - STAR + Smugness.


I also keep getting told I focus too much on making improvements when I’m interviewed - my management no like reflective practice.

I should practice my SMUGS instead.


My boss is almost certainly gonna get made redundant tomorrow, as part of an org-wide restructure. There were three people working on my project - me, her, and the project manager. The PM got moved off the project just before Christmas. Guess that makes me the senior person working on the project!! Again. Great fun.

Looking forward to them hiring a sociopath as new HR manager, seems to be the new CEO’s preference for how things should be. Think there’s a good chance she’s gonna run this place into the ground.


Interview went really well and they offered me the job :sunglasses: @keith @laelfy @MarsBonfire thanks for yr advice.


Wonderful! Congratulations!


STAR is how our interviews are structured. i find it makes life easier to structure stuff that way as well coz i tend to forget to talk about the result (literally saying in interviews ‘the result was that everything was great :+1::+1::+1::+1:’) to make sure ive covered everything and get that extra point that other people are likely to forget too


Amazing. Congrats. 2019 looking good so far.


So, I’m struggling as a freelancer and I think I need to move my FL work to a side-gig and get a paying job at the core to actually regularly pay my bills and start to rebuild my shattered finances. I’ve been a freelancer in the secretarial and administrative space for four and a bit years now, and I’ve got lots of great experience within that, I’m good at my job etc, but I’m just wondering if anyone has any ideas on how to make job-hunting go a little smoother. I’m currently a transcription typist, so I’ve got great research skills, very good attention to detail, manage my time well, organise my own workflow and that sort of thing. I’m not looking for anything nuts, just something admin-ish.

I’m spending any spare time I have at the moment picking through Indeed and that sort of thing, doing what I believe I should in terms of tailoring my responses and being choosy with how my CV is structured. Should I push on the door of employment agencies? If so, how can I make them work best for me?

Tl;dr how do I become an office worker? (Also, thank you in advance for any advice and for taking the time to read my request, kind regards, me)


Seems like work/training in this place is given based on your popularity with managers. If you’re willing to be loud and ‘entertaining’ you get trained in some decent stuff and are given work. It’s really disheartening


I didn’t get the promotion I applied for in December


I wrote a report in October - a proposal for a huge 2/3 year project - and my boss’s boss recommended my proposal to the board and recommended me as project manager for the proposal.

In 2 1/2 hours I have a meeting with the head of department to discuss my report and I’ve been tipped off that I’m going to be asked to lead the project to a completion date approx Autumn 2021

This would be a HUGE promotion and a total dream job and I’m way out of my depth and while on the surface I seem calm & focused I am absolutely in a whirl of total excitement at the prospect and total dread at having to try & pull it off

hope I don’t fuck up, this is a complete life-changing opportunity on tons of levels

but it seems a bunch of people here believe in me so hey ho let’s go

bricking it


This sounds amazing, are you able to tell us a bit more about what you’ll be doing?


Not so much career (which has plateaued, but that’s fine because I’m doing alright and I’m not hungry for more), but my working conditions: The company is introducing flexible working, and from next week I’ll be working from home one day a week. I could always ask for the odd WFH day, but it would be maybe once a month, and it would just be when I had a delivery or needed to take the car to the garage or whatever. This will now be weekly, which will be great.


unfortunately not

certainly not at this early stage - obviously I’m dying to talk about it - but we’ll see what they offer me and where it goes and maybe at some point I can talk about it here or on a private thread or something. It would be great to get DiSers input tbh

I’ll keep you posted


Getting a bit sick of massive babies kicking off when I tell them they can’t do something that they want to do. Sometimes your legal advisors are going to say no!

I asked the head of department for advice on handling this situation as it’s getting increasingly hostile and she - a very posh, well-to-do person - told me to look the moaners in the eye and say “Tough shit.”



Think I’m slowly coming to the conclusion that I need a change soon but I’m feeling pretty stuck with where to look for other options. Bit of a brain dump here…

Been working in fundraising in the same sector (arts/charity) since graduating in 2011, and it’s grinding me down with how stale and uninspiring the job has become. I tried a move a few years ago to a bigger organisation which I hated, and I’ve worked my way up in my current place over the last 18 months to be part of the senior management team (admittedly in a 5 person org so means very little).

Although there’s meant to be a 50:50 split in my role between fundraising and projects, fundraising ends up taking over almost all my time. So although I don’t have quite as much project management experience as I’d have liked by this stage (or was promised when I took the job), I’m pretty sure that this is the sort of thing I want to do in the future.

I’m just so tired of the day-to-day that it’s a struggle to get much done each week due to boredom. Everything runs on really small cycles so I find myself constantly repeating the same tasks and speaking to the same external people every few weeks/months. There’s no real prospect of staying put and changing my current role to become more project based either as we’re so tiny – a shame as the people are good, it’s a flexible place to work, and I enjoy the artistic side immensely.

Question is…where to go and what to do now? I’ve casually looked for jobs in more commercial sectors similar to mine, although nothing jumps out. The few that have looked interesting either pay significantly less, or are far too senior/involve managing really large teams which I’ve just not got the experience for. Perhaps I just need to jump into something like this though and start from the bottom.

I could also try another move to somewhere larger or in a different sector entirely, but that would involve sticking with fundraising and probably specialising. Having tried this once and hating it, I just don’t think it’s for me.


Dreading the prospect of having to change jobs some time this year in what some have described as ‘a good career move’. Just want a well paid job for life, is that too much?


Is your head of department Theresa May?


Project Management or any high level analysis is a highly transferable skill across sectors.

I’ve BA’d in the arts sector and the private sector and done a bit of PMing in both, the role is more or less the same it’s just the stakeholders tend to be completely different.
Stakeholder management is the key to both roles really so once you’ve done it in a couple of environments you can do it anywhere.


There is some resemblance, tbqfh.


Ah thanks, that’s pretty encouraging to hear. I’d feel reasonably confident managing stakeholders (pretty much what fundraising is most of the time) so that could be something to keep an eye out for.