How's your career / existential crisis going?


you’re right, i had wrongly presumed he was living in the middle east, probably based on his jaunts to jordan :slight_smile:


Some use you lot are. They’re now “very keen” to get me in for a face to face interview. Got a load of voicemails I’m ignoring from the recruitment consultant who thinks they can smell their big juicy commission.

Now I need an excuse that paints me in a better light than “can’t really be arsed with the commute if I’m honest m8s”.

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Tell them thank you for their interest but you won’t be taking the application further. Tell them you will keep their details on file though.


No you don’t. If you don’t want to do the commute then it’s perfectly fine to say that.

Preferable to all concerned over giving you the job and then quitting a month after you’ve started because the commute’s too much.

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Just be yourself :+1:


Being excluded from things still. I give up inviting myself now. My boss had a team lunch for her leaving thing (arranged by soemone else), I wasn’t invited but not only that…they talk about it quite openly after the fact lile I’m actually invisible/a total stranger. New starter asked everyone on our team but me if they wanted a free ticket for a festival we sponsor, I was literally sat opposite her at the time.

Now my boss is on mat leave I’m being patronised by newer members on my team or they’re just asking for training for me on my behalf without even asking me if I want it…in this case training I already had at my own request a few months ago and do not need.

There’s a big project that has my name all over it. Honestly couldn’t be more perfect for me and my experience and I’ve said this to people on the project but still not being asked to work on it…however suggestions I’ve made have all been used, I just get no credit for it.

Really torn as it’s a lovely place to work for most people and it’s flexible and it’s a company I really like, but fuck me, I’ve been there a year now and feel like the new girl still and like I’ve regressed 20 years.


Ok I’ve just been offered a DREAM job for an organisation I would love to work in for more money than I’ve ever earned. It’s working on exactly what I care about and would be a brilliant job. But only a one year contract.

I still want that £15k a year PhD though.

I wish I’d been unsuccessful. I hate making such difficult decisions.

I guess jobs like that will still be available after the PhD?


Take the dream job


any HR bods you can trust that you can talk to about it?


Instinctively it doesn’t feel like the right decision.

I’m not making a decision solely on maximising career prospects. I love research and learning and need stimulation of working on something that perplexes me. I’ve never had a job where I don’t feel really bored after a while. The job would be working on the refugee protection programme for a large global foundation but it would be very operational. I’m also not sure about the options at the end of the contract. There’s no guarantee of a role and in less than a year’s time I would find myself in a similarly stressful situation looking for a new job or worrying about being kept on.

I also feel bad cause the interview was great, the team were incredible inspiring women who I would love to work with. But then so is my PhD supervisor.

The PhD is on an extremely topical project and is very much at the cuting edge of my research interest in technology and migration.

I don’t care about money. I care about doing something meaningful with my life.

I think I have to do this PhD.

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Fair enough

always best to trust your gut unless you’re @epimer of course

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Also I actually feel so relaxed at the prospect of 15k a year guaranteed tax free for four years. Doing a bit of work to top that up.

I don’t think office environments are suitable for me tbh. Imagine not having that monotony and getting to learn stuff again.


That’s really strange, and kinda sounds a bit like bullying? I mean you probably couldn’t get anyone into trouble for it, but your manager, and their manager, should definitely be paying more attention to these things cos that’s obviously horrible and demoralising.

Sometimes you just have to be a bit more pushy than your comfortable with when dealing with these things imo. If you’ve got a PDR coming up I’d mention stuff then (particularly the stuff that makes you feel like you’re not taken seriously or whatever) and bring receipts if possible (like emails where you’ve suggested something, etc) so they can’t brush it aside.

Sorry if this is super basic advice. Mainly wanted to show solidarity :fist:

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Firstly congrats again! The other day you spoke with more passion about this PhD than the majority of people I know doing them do about their own research, and the fit seemed perfect too? Is it likely similar jobs to the new role you’ve been offered will come up again? You’re always able to back out of the PhD and look for a job, but a similar research role might be hard to come by again – of course I don’t know the field at all so no idea how true that is. Don’t think you can make a wrong decision by the sounds of it though.

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good luck!


If you’re applying for a fixed term contract (2 years), in a case where the reason for it being fixed isn’t clear, should you ask about it at interview (as in is there any scope for it continuing beyond the fixed term)?

The answer won’t make a difference in terms of me taking the job, but I don’t know if it would be seen as strange for me not to ask. As in looking like I’m not career minded etc. If that’s even a bad thing.

Pretty sure I’m overthinking things but arghhh.


I don’t think it would hurt to ask.


I think it’s an entirely reasonable and sensible Q to ask xx


Missed all this.

PhD for sure!

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Just seen an advert for the same role last year which was listed as permanent, so doesn’t seem to be a funding issue. But 2 years seems more than cover? Oh well, no point worrying about it now.

Have let this internal applicant thing get into my head which is annoying. Probably wouldn’t have put much stock in it, but my current place is interviewing next week for a role we have someone doing on a temporary basis, and they’re clearly going to get it.

Stop it, brain.

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