How's your career / existential crisis going?

I don’t think it would hurt to ask.


I think it’s an entirely reasonable and sensible Q to ask xx


Missed all this.

PhD for sure!

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Just seen an advert for the same role last year which was listed as permanent, so doesn’t seem to be a funding issue. But 2 years seems more than cover? Oh well, no point worrying about it now.

Have let this internal applicant thing get into my head which is annoying. Probably wouldn’t have put much stock in it, but my current place is interviewing next week for a role we have someone doing on a temporary basis, and they’re clearly going to get it.

Stop it, brain.

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it’s what I went with in the end

wrote a very positive rejection letter to the other organisation, so hopefully haven’t burned any bridges!


I applied for a two year secondment for a brand manager role about a month ago, closing date was the 1st May. Before applying I had some conversations with the recruiting manager, VP of brand and a couple of people who are doing the job who all seemed really positive about my experience and thinking…but I haven’t heard anything about an interview or next steps. For an internal role…how long should I leave it before chasing?

2 weeks should be more than enough but it’ll be 3 weeks on Weds so I’d say politely enquire about it then (the 3 weeks thing is just an easy way in for you to start an Email, it’s not a rule)

Still, not heard back from them.

I want to send a snotty email :slight_smile:

i’d definitely send at least a further email asking when you can expect to hear back from them

Write one that’s on the surface polite but is actually thinly disguised anger and judgement

I’ve gone down the pass agg route instead :+1:


Sitting here waiting on a telephone interview call that was supposed to start at 4pm.


Aye ok, that maybe didn’t go super well. Chin up.

I am currently writing a placeholder opinion piece about gerbils being the ideal student pet. Love my life :sparkling_heart:

(I have horrible dread at the moment and, while some of it pertains to work, when I get into the zone with writing it’s also the place I have the least amount of dread)

Sample quotes

“Who needs recycling when you’ve got a gerbil?”

“Furry friends that perfectly complement the student experience”

“Gerbil mothers can cannibalise their babies if disturbed by loud noises - a real dampener for any student’s house party.”

Why the fuck am I not a CEO somewhere. I’m an absolute legend


My friend has gerbils but she had to hide them cause landlords are sucky. One of them just gave birth to 6 more.

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Omg :frowning: tell her to keep the gerbils away from unexpected loud noises!!

Gerbils are so wonderful

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Opted for the final sentence of ‘Let the gerbil revolution begin’

I’ve pretty much convinced myself I’m correct in my argument tbqh.


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Told them I couldn’t be arsed with the commute. They’ve now come back and asked if there’s anything at all they can do to convince me to at least go meet the team.

Do you think they’d be willing to relocate the entire company to the science park that’s five minutes down the road from me? That’d do it.

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Could you negotiate WFH a day or two a week?