How's your career / existential crisis going?

Were you working for them as a freelancer and did you send them an invoice? If so, it could be worth sending them something like this as you’re entitled to claim late payment fees. It’s taken from a friend’s post on Twitter so the 14 day payment term is specific to that example (think statutory payment term is 30 days) - judging by the replies it seems to have an impact on being paid quickly.

I wasn’t working as a freelancer.

are you able to provide more details about how the work/pay was agreed? Do you have it in writing?

At the end of last year my boss left. They didn’t replace her and instead I’ve been reporting into her boss. Now he’s off too. Who knows where that leaves me :man_shrugging:

Congratulations on your double promotion!


There was a delay in their payment system. Everyone else got given an invoice form to return, which I did not receive and had to ask my friend to forward it to me.

I’m so frustrated.

Been on this job for 6 months and have generally stuck with it and done a good job i reckon, but now i’ve got two weeks left and i have properly lost the will. Got basically a month off after this til my next job begins which cannot come soon enough.

Is that the same job that had you working in the Carribean?




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You probably need the month off.

Feeling quite down about my job even though it’s only the first few days of it. Doesn’t seem like a very friendly environment so I don’t like asking questions and I’m quite overwhelmed by it all.

I have a meeting with my team lead tomorrow so I’ll try and sort something out about this :grimacing:

Not really my existential crisis but I like looking at available jobs.


Oh good, my boss has decicded to start being an absolute thundercunt in the last week of a six month job. bd

Being overlooked completely in work still hasn’t changed but trying to just be ok with that.

In freelance work though that other guide is just pissing me off so much and I have no one to chat to about it so you’re getting it here. Aside from him sabotaging my own tours, and other peoples, throwing out my leaflets I saved for months to distribute, spreading rumours about other guides, being a shit, and aside from him mocking disabled tourists, throwing parents off his tours and some of his content being completely made up…none of that is bothering me right now. What is is that I’ve worked hard for years to be able to work with a big arts organisation - finally they asked me to be their guide. Great news! But I noticed he’s now advertising himself, falsely, as being their guide anyway. And he’s charging more than I am/the other official guide on the festival is. He can’t just do that and get away with it, can he? I told the arts org last week but they’re still listed online so I don’t know if they’ve pursued it with him. Imagine just claiming you’re working with a company when you’re not, and lying to all those tourists who have no reason to doubt him. I looked through his twitter and saw he’s also advertised himself as the only official music tours when there’s a whole music tour company here that he’s well aware of.

Not expecting any response here by the way, I just needed to rant because I don’t have any colleagues to rant to, and I can’t believe the amount of dishonesty and lack of integrity he has, and yet he makes so much money off it, and once again I’m unable to pay my rent despite getting ALL 5 star reviews over the last 7 years.

Really really want this man to answer to someone and stop taking tourists (and locals) for a ride.

he sounds like a complete weapon, if you haven’t already i’d report him to your local Trading Standards office, whilst they might not actually prosecute him for the misleading claims them getting in touch might put the shits up him enough to stop him falsely advertising


He sounds like an absolute arse.

If you have evidence/proof that he’s responsible for throwing out your leaflets (from shops/cafes/museums?) then make sure that those places know that he’s done that and let them know it’s impacting your livelihood. I’m 99% sure that tour guide will be pretty unpopular, how he treats you and other guides will be similar to how he treats most people in life - there to be taken advantage of and screwed over for his gain. Those traders/museums may be happy to fight your corner and ensure that he either can’t do it again, or is asked not to advertise.

If not, some of us northern big lads are happy to take it to the court of the streets. Does his tour go past O’Sheas?


It there a tour guide association? If not, is it worth starting one for Manchester and freezing him out?

It sounds like every other tour guide in the city has the same opinion of him.

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He’s part of the institute of tour guiding I think, but I’m not. So I think they’d opt to protect a member rather than listen to me. I feel very wary of him, he’s been working in the city for so long and many people are still, somehow, oblivious to what he’s like. He’s got a lot of money to put into advertising, and he’s a massive tory who knows lots of other massive tories. I don’t feel very comfortable taking him on as I feel sure he’ll quash my business far sooner than I can get the word out on his. Plus the idea of him confronting me about it (he’s very brazen and will find a way to blame me for it all I’m sure), well it just makes me incredibly anxious.

I’m hoping the arts org take action anyway.

it looks like the ITG have a code of conduct that all members need to abide by

might be worth sending an email of complaint, along with screenshots of the shite he’s put online, to them too