How's your career / existential crisis going?

fwiw marketing/editorial is pretty happily linked these days and going down one road won’t stop you from moving to the other…



I guess I mean something a bit along the lines of this


Not loads of design and flashy stuff, but just some coloured headers and things to make it look a bit fresher and cleaner


some of my work is on the edge of marketing/design but i’m very much not a designer. We’re basically looking to communicate complex information in slide decks/presentations/posters etc, so that’s why I thought ensuring my CV design looks good is a way to demonstrate some basic understanding of making something look nice. I mean, that’s what consultancy is… pretty powerpoints!

I put a bit of tasteful blue in the main header and dividing lines on mine. Never done me any harm I don’t think. Unless there’s a colossalhorse in an alternate timeline reminiscing over his decision to stick with a pure black and white CV while strolling around his private island.


I don’t think it would hurt but I’d keep it relatively simple - remember the personality types of people in the medical/scientific industry - we’re not known for being fans of anything overly fancy - keep it classic and clear to read.

Moved to a different team in work recently, but it’s as if they’ve got nothing for me to do, or they’re just going to dump me back to more general work in a few months when my secondment is up. Really quite demoralised at this stage.

Doesn’t help that there is no one here with decent chat, or chat that isn’t about career advancements or holidays in Dubai

So I’m getting moved to another team, which is fine as at least I’m getting another contract renewal, in fact, after 18 months I’ll actually be made permanent. But I can’t help feel deflated. The work I’ve done for the culture team I’m part of has been really great, and I know it’s probably down to budgeting and I’ll likely still do a lot of their work anyway, but I dunno, just feeling like this: :expressionless:

What’s the new team/work?

It was unclear tbh. Same stuff I guess, copywriting but for the business rather than for culture and social impact team, felt really happy doing stuff that had some purpose so just a step back for me in terms of fulfilment as there’ll be more “business” stuff to cover. I mean, there’s potential to make it work for me but I’m going on to a team where two of the members just did an amazing project that I was the perfect fit for but after asking about 15 times to be involved and sending them loads of good content and ideas they still left me out of it. So I feel like they don’t know what my potential is if they couldn’t include me on something that was 100% fit for my experience and skills.

But, I love the company so I should just be happy to be part of it still and maybe I felt like this when I was moved from my original team to the culture one but I don’t remember :woman_shrugging:

Could it be that the company are trying to get you involved because of this?

Nope, or they would have have asked me to be part of the project. They kept saying they would then arranged every single meeting for the one day of the week I told them was inpossible for me to get childcare…every single week. I even had the CEO ask them to involve me as he knew how suited I was and they didn’t. Oh well, permanent contract will be cool.

There’s a lad at my work who’s in a death metal band, except he’s also a massive fan of the band American Football. It’s the equivalent of me being a fey indie bedwetter who likes Fucked Up.


There are definitely worse things to be on the horizon.

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I obviously don’t know the situation as well as you, but there’s often riddles within riddles about this kind of stuff.

I know of a situation going on RIGHT NOW where someone isn’t being asked to do something that they could do with their eyes closed, because there’s some fiendish manager who wants it to fail so they can ask for more money on the basis of not having “the right people”. Very annoying.

I guess I’m saying don’t take it personally.


This kind of sums up where I’m at right now

1 week left in which I attempt to hold on to my sanity while trying to balance the prospect of either being put in charge of a massive, life-changing and career defining project or whether I’m essentially out of a job. 7 votes to 5 & it’s the former, 5 votes to 7 and it’s the latter

Might completely lose my marbles this week


Good luck BITT :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Cheers Scout x

24 hours to go & I can feel my marbles all falling one-by-one through a hole in my pocket


I can barely focus I’m so agitated

I’m rubbish with advice…but you’ve got this!

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I hope so. I had a really shitty meeting yesterday though thanks to one jealous colleague trying to sneakily undermine all my work in front of about 25 members of staff. They’ve been pulled up on it today by my director & others though - I think they might even have been sent home - but I could really do without that on today of all days, plus said member of staff sits on the board as a staff representative (though they don’t have voting rights) so ffs they had better wind their neck in tomorrow.

Gah. Think I need to go for a long walk instead of trying to polish up this 98 week planning document