How's your creative thing coming along? (rolling)

I have a project, it’s going slowly

What are you doing?

I know plenty of people on here make music but there’s other talents too, people who’ve said they want to write, people who can make things etc.

What do you go?
Do you have a goal?
What’s the next step?

Let’s try encourage and help each other to move things along

(I’ll detail my own project this evening)

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really? that’s awesome!

had you always wanted to build a table?

Silversmithing projects have stalled for now as I quit the full day course I had started because I didn’t have time for it, but I am starting another shirt course at the end of the month instead.

I need a project to motivate me really, anyone want to commission something?

I have a thing I’ve been working on for a while (music) which was supposed to have been done by now but is dragging and I am so full of new ideas that I keep starting new stuff and getting distracted/less motivated

the plan was also to make a video to go with (part of) it but being flat broke is not helping with that much

might give up & quit trying to do music altogether, do something sensible instead …like write a screenplay or something

I want to start quilting but I am yet to start quilting.

Does anyone know anyone that quilts?

Trying to set up an online label to promote Cork music. It’s going very slowly as we’re all so busy. Have taken some good advice from the DiS Community Record Label thread though.

Loads of band stuff but no-one needs to hear about that.



ive got a quilt that my gran made and my friend has recently started a quilting instagram. or rather ive recently become aware of my friends quilting instagram. dunno how much help this is

quilt while you’re ahead



Obvs, there’s my own music, but for this thread I’ll focus on the DiS label as referenced by @Kallgeese
At the point now where we have the bones of samplers in place - main thing now is to create a gantt chart (fun!) to manage the group through to actually launching it.

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Fuck it, going to do a list to remind myself and jolt myself into action:

Not Earth: Album no. 2 is finished and mixed but needs to be mastered. Will play a few gigs this summer.
MueseuM: Album no. 3 got iced until next December so we’re going to record album no. 4 this summer, along with playing a few gigs.
WORM: Setting up a label with the other member of WORM, along with recording when we both have the time.
The Creeps: Our comedy covers band is coming along. Booked for multiple festivals, we just need to work on our stage show and characterisation now.
Council For The Dark Arts Orchestra: Booked for a big Irish festival this summer. Hard to get all seventeen members in one place though.
Andy Wilson & The Toys: This project is morphing from basic singer-songwriter stuff to something much weirder. Last practice sounded like CAN but with a singing saw. Hope to play more gigs with Andy next month.
HAGS: Will be playing more gigs when everyone’s in the country.

Keep forgetting I’m doing some solo stuff this year along with depping on bass with Arthuritis. Fuck, I’m doing a lot.


sometimes I do stuff as and when it seems right

lately been working on re-recording and remixing some old albums and EPs so i can put together a better back catalogue. also started writing another album but it’s early days yet and only really have one song i’m happy with. aiming for a 5-song prog metal opus.

haven’t really done any film stuff for years, have a couple of scripts sitting around that i thought i might finally get around to doing this year but it’s april already, fffffffuuuuuu. wonder if i’ve just been out of the game too long as well. oh well.

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how do you make films? That sounds way harder than music!

Fucking hell - how on earth do you organise all that?!?!

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yeah it really is. you need a lot more people and resources… and $$$. :expressionless:

accepting that the only way i’ll ever be able to develop a skill at something is by paying money to take classes in it
don’t have time to do that now :frowning:

very impressive though!

not really, any chump can go to film school.