How's your creative thing coming along? (rolling)

Yeah I’ve had some basic proofing help from my mum (yes, I know, I’m 40) but I’m ill working on improvements and reordering stuff, making cuts and additions which I really need to do myself. It’s fine it’s just not very exciting and so I’m constantly thinking of other things to do with my time.



this is exactly what my post was saying i struggle to do

Maybe that’s what you meant, but what your post said was you don’t have time/money for classes

it was saying many things
i know about google yeah but not good at the self motivation stuff

A million zillion times this

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Oh, I shot a bunch of stuff for a little very lo-fi short film around the house. Going to try and go onto campus when no-one’s around to edit it (I want to edit it when no-one’s around bc I had to act in it and I’m reluctant for the new students to think I’m any more of a weirdo than I’m sure they already think I am)

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That’s one of the reasons why I started my blog - so I could point my camera at people who wouldn’t mind. And now I’m pointing a very nice camera at people like the bassist from Metronomy (see above)

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i have to say this thread has gone wonderfully, so much going on!

i make music for a poet and that’s going great, have recently got a couple of other people involved making music for her as i wanted to ensure that i could focus on my own project

my project is spoken word and music (i guess it’s hip hop?)

i’ve got a few demos and i’ve got a few pieces written (the words) that i’m very happy with

what i want to do is videos - make backing track then video myself delivering the words

i also want to get people doing spots on my tracks, need to actually finishing writing stuff so that have a slot to fill tho

so there’s quite a lot to do

what would be good is some way of getting people on here who have vague plans to link with other people to try and help drive stuff forwards…

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I was talking to a photographer a while ago as they were going to do a project on record collectors and their collections. I’ve amassed quite a few in 30 years. When we talked I got really enthused, thinking about important records to me, genres, how artists could define a label’s look, and bands like The Smiths took a lot of time and effort with their sleeves. There is so much visually going on as well as the music.

The photographer has gone quiet and it’s safe to say it’s not happening. But then I thought…I’ll do it myself, so plan to take shots and write about all this. Self indulgent and I am not sure what platform I would use…but I like the idea.


yeah one is but not gonna share them here just yet :upside_down_face:

Well, he was right about the cheese-toastie-as-a-pizza-sandwich idea shortly afterwards so I trust his judgement.

Sounds like an all-around great guy tbh.

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Musical stuff

  • 3 tracks done of an electronic project which is basically me learning to use a synth - want to make some more and make sure they’re up to muster for the community record label

  • been doing field recordings of mud squelching and birds singing and water flowing which I’d like to use for some kind of ambient thing

  • had a few practices of a jammy rock band but miles away from playing live yet

  • written some songs which I want to tart up and record

Film stuff

  • Been sifting vast amounts of raw footage from family home videos, hope to make a big nostalgic edit which I can give to my dad for his 60th in the summer

  • After doing the above, decided I ought to continue the family archivist role, so have been filming holidays and family gatherings and hope to do some edits for those too

Poetry stuff

  • Got a poem I want to illustrate and turn into a flyer/professional-looking printed thing

  • Need to motivate myself to perform more, write more


Just writing music with the band at the moment. I think we started a few years back our template was sonic youth/birthday party but quite regimented in length and structure but that’s loosened up in the last few months, noisier and weirder but more melodic? I’m really proud of what we’re doing but it’s a long process writing songs together, but totally worth it.

We have a couple of gigs next month but I think we’re half tempted to cancel just to focus on writing. Gig money helps to pay for recordings though so you swings/roundabouts.


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I’m so skittish with these kind of things…and largely skill-less (I still cling to my year 8 English teacher saying I was a “precocious writer”), but I don’t think I’ll ever stop dreaming of creating something. Music has always been out of the question though - I’m almost anti-musical.

At the moment I’m thinking more and more about games. I have a notebook for writing ideas down and a few doodles…which has a few ideas starting to bloom…but I have next to know knowledge on building games/computing. Can’t I just be a miyamoto figure who gives ideas from above for the tech guys to make?