How's your depression?


Sorry to hear things are like that again for you, hope can be a terribly cruel thing :frowning:

If you don’t think you can make it to your class, can you call to say that you are unwell so you can get to do the required work another time maybe? Especially if you have disclosed your mental health issues already, if not you could make up a cold or whatever. I hope you can make it in - pick some good miserable weather albums for the walk and just keep your head down through class x


GP was quite good earlier, they are going to write back to the first response team to ask them if they can make some new recommendations as therapy discharged me. My anxiety meds have been upped again, and if that doesn’t help beta blockers are the next option.

Has anyone here had beta blockers for anxiety before? I don’t know much about them.


That is good news, I am pleased you have a supportive GP.

I have been prescribed beta blockers for when my anxiety is running out of control and they are a constant source of reassurance - even if I don’t take them, I think having them there in case can help to calm me down a little. On the few occasions I have taken them, they have done the job in terms of stabilising my heart rate and helping me to focus on regulating my breathing.


Been off work with the ol’ brain jitters since yesterday. Very rare for me to take more than one day to reset but I feel utterly hopeless at the moment. The pills don’t do anything, cbt doesn’t seem to be helping, talking therapy didn’t do anything. It could be a lot worse: I just about function 95% of the time. I guess that’s my lot in life.


I feel so tired. just spent, sad, empty.

I’ve tried to streamline my life, focus on routine, but there’s nothing there anymore, nothing inside. nothing makes me feel good.

trying to be social, but it all feels hollow.

guess I should go see the doctor and up my dose of medication. as if that’ll help.


hang in there please :slight_smile: you can and will find some joy and purpose in life again! Seeing your doctor will probably be a good positive step, some people on here have spoken of how transforamtive the right medication can be so I really believe you can be happy again.

Sorry things are so tough for you right now though :hugs:


Went off my antidepressants (60mg fluoxetine) over a week ago because I was having weird side effects (nothing felt quite “real” which was especially scary whilst driving) and I tried to book a GP appointment but my regular GP is still off sick and I couldn’t face explaining it all to someone else. Honestly I don’t really feel any different at all other than the side effect going away which is good I guess. Does mean that I can’t go back to the doctors with MH for a long while because it’s not the first time I’ve done this and they were annoyed enough the first time.

Realising that most of my “depression” is just feeling sad / angry / hopeless / bitter over actual things and probably not to do with any kind of chemical imbalance or whatever.

I’m feeling okay most of the time I think, but I still cry over the same thing when I go to bed every night. I don’t know how to move beyond it at all and that’s scaring me.


Might need to go back to counselling. Not doing well at the moment.


hey PM, sorry I missed this at the time, don’t feel like you are a burden on any doctors, it’s their job to help you feel better so if they are grumbling then it’s not your fault at all.

I’m hoping you feel a bit better today


what’s up shucks? wanna talk about it here?

Big hugs for you either way :hugs:


:sparkles::tada::confetti_ball::boom::dizzy: I hate myself :sparkles::tada::confetti_ball::boom::dizzy:


nah, you’re great! I know it’s tough but I’m sure nobody else hates you so try not to be so hard on yourself jook x


I like ur posts on this forum


Thanks y’all. Just one of those days/weeks.


Hang in there, Jook. You’re one of the good guys.


Cheers bud. Wasn’t trying to fish for compliments, but they do help :smiley:


Feeling super emotional like I want to lie in my room and listen to MCR all day


I say go for it… Doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with that for a little while at least!

Feel free to PM me if it all gets a bit much and you need somewhere safe to let of steam though.

Keep safe x


I second that motion. I sometimes think I wanna spend the rest of my life listening to Red House Painters records. After about an hour I think, “well, this is a bit silly, isn’t it?” and get on with my day.

Either way look after yourself :slight_smile:


Really not doing so well. Coming in to this thread is even really difficult to be honest.