How's your depression?


So I flaked on work and the xmas party and everything. Lying in bed feeling like an overabundance of shit poorly contained in a sack of badly kept skin instead.

Sorry to keep moaning but this is something of a low ebb. Gonna have to do my best hold myself together over xmas and try something different in the new year. Though I don’t know what.


I deny all work parties etc without question and without remorse

It is an award given to people and if you dont fancy then fine

But don’t feel bad about not going, does it really matter?

Of course if it really does bother you then seek some help for your anxiety

Stay happy dude.


It does bother me - I was actually quite fancying it last week. I’m lucky enough to work with some really nice people. Also I am getting help for my anxiety which is clearly not working, which is worrying/frustrating. I know not attending doesn’t mean much in the grand scheme of things but it’s hard not to see being unable to face it as a failure.

Thanks for taking the time man. I appreciate it.


content warning:

been thinking about stepping out in front of traffic quite a lot this week, don’t think I would do it as it would be terrible for whoever drove the vehicle but I would like a way out really


Hey Bam mate, hope you’re okay.

Obviously feel free to elaborate if you think it will help (my inbox is always open). Others may be better placed with advice, as I’ve never had thoughts that go that far, but two things I will say;

  • I sincerely hope things get better and believe they will. You’ve done a lot for people on here and I don’t think I’m alone in saying that the boards and our lives would be very much the worse if we were to lose you for any reason. We care. x
  • Please make sure you have the number for your local mental health emergency team and/or the Samaritans handy just in case you find these feelings getting stronger and you think you might act on them - it’ll at least give you another option, even if you decide it’s not for you.

Keep safe xxx


Dunno if you’re much of a reader CH, but I found this quite helpful with understanding more about my anxiety and how it fits into the wider picture of anxiety disorders. It didn’t “solve” anything and it doesn’t seek to, but I think in helping me to understand better (and read others’ experiences) it put things in some context and has in some way helped me.


thanks man I know people care and it’s great I’m super thankful! It’s totally selfish thoughts and fantasies I think, just cos I’m so bad at organising my life and fear of failure is so huge I end up just wanting to be done with everything.

Bless you for messaging though, means a lot to me, thank you x :slight_smile:


I have a terrible habit of buying books on mental health, being really enthused when reading the foreword and then never reading much beyond that. I’ve picked up a copy of this as it sounds like it might be useful - I’ll try and actually stick with it. Thank you.


actually never felt this much of an ugly unfriendly blob with nothing to give


I was really sad I didn’t get to talk to you :frowning:

please come out to the next one x


hard to imagine something much further from the truth. It’s just your mind playing tricks on you, you are one of the most caring and respected people on here, I’m sure that extends to your “real” life too :slight_smile:


yeah i wish there was some kind of superlike for Bamnan’s comment here


I understand this, only too well. But, trust me, you are the absolute polar opposite!

I was too, the night was too short and I was incomprehensible by the time I left.

It’s a deal though, for the next one.

Take care DB. I hope you have a wonderful and happy Xmas. You are a top top egg. Truly.


Just want to take the opportunity to let everyone that may be finding things tricky right now that I hope you are able to find some respite from the mental headfuck over the coming week, and that if anyone needs to unload or talk, my PM will be available any time.

You’re all wonderful people (and @colinzealuk will attest that I don’t wantonly dish out compliments). I hope you get the peace you deserve.

Thank you all too for the kindness, support and safe space you’ve provided me since the Spring. It is invaluable.


Hi sweetie
Are you feeling any better now? Did ending your job help with anything?

I’m feeling the same about Xmas this year! I just feel permanently tired and want to just sleep and be left alone.
Ignore Instagram! I found it very therapeutic and improved my MH a bit by culling a lot of people I follow. I don’t follow any bloggers (beauty, fashion, lifestyle etc) any more and only follow cats, crocheters, food and people I know!


I feel very sad and anxious at the moment. Worried about my relationship and other things.


:frowning: sorry to hear that froglet, you’re great and I’m sure your relationship will be ok! Christmas is a tough time hope you will feel better once that’s done with and stuff.


I really hate this time of year.

I’m too much of a selfish, miserable scrooge to handle it.


Thank you so much! I do feel like a weight has been lifted, although the reality hasn’t set in yet.

Yeah, I’ve gone back to my old insta because of the #numbers, but I’m not really interested in the whole blogging scene any more and it makes me feel so inadequate these days. Scaled back social really is a great thing!


Urrrrghh feel hopeless and have lost all confidence.