How's your depression?




Typed out a big reply but it sounds so stupid. Hate my life etc etc.


Nothing’s stupid man. You’re a mighty good egg and brains can be really shit sometimes and the world even more shit.



Darwin. Intelligent
Babe. Beautiful

You got it all!!

Get through this meeehh period…and focus on what you do have.

Happy Xmas!


Remember that you still hold the achievement of “greatest Instagram story of all time” so fuck everyone else on there tbqh



Hang in there DB- think lots of people struggle to put their issues down in words they’re happy with, so don’t let that add to how you’re feeling. We’re in peak anxiety season right now, but it’ll pass.


Wife is over in America for Christmas and I’m not getting much more than a couple of messages a day.

It’s understandable, but I miss her tremendously and it always has me a bit upset, lonely and paranoid.


boy this christmas is proving intensely difficult for some reason.

memories and stuff


yeah this is pretty grim this year :frowning: We’ll get through it all the same though


thanks man!

Really sucks being this old with nothing and nobody to love, no booze or pills in the house just going to have to wait it out.


I hope you alll have a peaceful day today, however Christmas isn’t the most wonderful time of the year for everyone. In fact, it can be the most exacerbating, isolating, and upsetting period for many people. You’re not alone and there is always someone you can talk to (hi?) who can try to help (hello, I’m here, IM or text me).

There’s even professional support available on Christmas Day & Boxing Day. Please copy this message to your feeds for anyone you know who might need it (and those whom you probably have no idea that they do).

‪Samaritans (24hrs)‬ - 116123 or‬‬
‪NSPCC Childline - 0800 11 11‬
‪Women’s Aid - 0808 2000 247
‬Switchboard (LGBT) - 0300 330 0630‬
CALM for Men (5pm to midnight) - 0800585858 or‬


Thanks sean. Its really good of you to post this on here. Hope you have a warm and peaceful and fun day x


Delayed response but thank you. It really doesn’t feel that way. Had a panic attack earlier and now my brain feels weird


Panic attacks are the absolute pits. Think it took me about 3 days to completely recover from one I had a few months back. :frowning:

Lots of hugs for you. :hugs:


hey no worries, there’s no pressure to respond just was hoping you would feel better soon :slight_smile:

I always found going for a walk helped when I was suffering from panic attacks, are you able to do that?


Hope you’re all well.

Maybe next year we should arrange a meal or something for people who find Christmas quite difficult or who don’t have much of a support network, etc?


Be honest, does anyone actually like this time of year?

I find it pretty isolating even though I’m not technically isolated. I’m not very sentimental which doesn’t help, and I guess not having any siblings, or cousins I ever see, or a big close family tree, intensifies the feeling of isolation. Like I am the last of my bloodline or something.


i haven’t been having a good time of it this year but i usually like it. i don’t like winter so christmas is usually something to look forward to. new year’s eve can fuck right off though


I’ve been surprisingly into it this year - didn’t go see my ATDs like I usually do, and parred things down to the essentials, but I’ve been well into ‘festive’ mode on my own - mince pies since late November, drinking the odd beer at home (rarely do these days), Christmas movies etc.

I think going away this year might have influenced that a bit - not that I don’t love my family; they’re all great, but missing the traditions on Christmas Day has probably let me get more into the rest of it.


Find it a pain for many of the reasons you stated. Don’t make a big deal of xmas but still find it makes me anxious in the lead up to the big day and feel much more relaxed now it’s over. It’s the worst time of the year for unchecked group thought and the pressure to conform to traditions.