How's your depression?


Can feel myself sinking again… been doing well for a good year or so now but these past few days have been tough. Hoping it’s just down to over excess with drink etc but right now I just want to hide.


Probably the same as me, these past few days have taken their toll one me and I’m 65% certain it’s the alcohol and food as well as added social preassure. Can’t wait things to go back to nomral, luckily new years for me is usually an excuse for me to relax for 3 days sooooooo hopefully that’ll reset me proper :slight_smile:


you should have gone to @Scout’s flat!


I normally quite like it, yes. it feels warm and fuzzy, most years. but in recent years, everything has been plagued by anxiety, and this year depression seeped in through alcohol, through the darkness, through my wide-open heart.


I quite like Christmas.

Was thinking more broadly. If there are quite a few people who don’t enjoy the festivities it makes sense to arrange some sort of shindig, no?


A bit later on and in London so not accessible for all but some of us are going out for mexican food on the 12th and you are all invited.

I think a specific christmas thing is a great idea.


yeah, absolutely!

it’d be nice to have a bunch of us Manchester folk (board and non-board) hanging out at this time of year. drinks, games, just regular Christmas stuff?


@bugduv it’d be mint if you could join us for the London thing?


I was so looking forward to having some time off work but it’s been pretty horrible. It’s probably just as well i can’t drink alcohol, p sure I’d have spent the last few days off my face, which wouldn’t have done anyone any good


firstly, sorry to hear about you having such a difficult time :hugs:


^this is great writing


i’m really lucky that xmas is a happy time for me

Jan and especially Feb tho, fucking rubbish, so i can only imagine that for people who don’t like xmas for whatever reason it’s basically like miserable February but times ten


yeah I like it a lot, always feel rubs this period afterwards tho, like life has been oriented towards christmas for quite a long time, and now it’s back to being open ended & i dunno what I’m doing.

the same way after coming back from a holiday.

just fucking babbling.


feeling pretty grim this evening, mates :worried::slightly_frowning_face:


me too :anguished:


i’m not surprised :frowning:

i’m really sorry about what’s happening to you, it seems very unfair.

solidarity! :fist:


thank you. i’m sorry you’re feeling grim too


Me too! What a club.

Hugs for ya’ll.


After years and years of thinking i didn’t really want/need to talk about my mental health, I’m at a point where i feel as though i need to, and it’s no longer as available :cowboy_hat_face::cowboy_hat_face::cowboy_hat_face:


We aren’t :wink:

Genuinely, though, zeal - and I’m a bit late to the thread with this, I’m really pleased to hear this. Sounds like the change of routine has been a positive thing.

When you’re going through a tough spell, breaking that cycle and being able to actively enjoy certain things is a huge step.


This festive time has been a real roller-coaster.

The time I’ve been able to spend with the kids has been so gorgeous and wonderful. Seeing the joy in their eyes when they’ve opened their presents has been incredibly moving. And the fact that they have been grateful for everything they’ve received - the fact that my own haul of gifts was largely anaemic genuinely didn’t matter a jot.

Yet… Those times when they haven’t been around I’ve felt so barren and so alone. Thankfully, I’ve managed to stay clear of booze and drinking alone, which would only have compounded the misery.

New Year’s Eve is the evening I dread most of all in the year. I mean, I’d happily meet an ATD for a few quiet beers and see midnight in without any fanfare, but that’s impossible - ATD will be busy at a party with his fiancee, kids will be at a party with their Mum at a school friend’s (although I’ve been given an invite, standing around stone cold sober with dozens of people I don’t know makes me sweat with anxiety, it’s bad enough at a party with people I do know!) - so I’ll be at home with my folks and a couple of their friends playing Scrabble for three hours before cringing myself inside out at midnight.

Not that I don’t appreciate my folks and their friends for letting me be part of the evening - I feel as though it would be offensive for me to shut myself in my room - but man… I really don’t enjoy it at all.

Just gotta grit my teeth, as ever, and come out the other side.

A meet around this time next year does sound like a pretty decent idea for people that find this time of year hard going - just a bit of solidarity where we can empathise, sympathise or aimlessly talk about cycling, Gareth Barry or Star Wars.