How's your depression?


Slightly fucked over here


Felt really paranoid/anxious/awful a few hours ago but now I feel fairly happy (although checking my bank balance and finding I’m not completely broke did help). Weird how much your mood can change in a short amount of time.


I know it should just be an arbitrary distinction in time that means nothing, but the new year is making me feel really fucking bleak. Just can’t see anything positive coming out of it at all.


how’s the weather there? it’s really nasty here and it’s making me feel like giving up already. Keep holding on, we’re all here for you :slight_smile:


Solid grey and windy here. Not particularly conducive to a positive mood really, is it?


I’m feeling quite positive overall.

The last two years have been absolutely gubbins. Not sure how this year can’t be any worse. Plus we’re near the end of the decade, and this has been a gubbins decade.


yeah, I wanted to go for a walk to get away from the screen for a bit but it’s maybe not


I’ve had a decent Christmas with only a couple of minor mental wobbles. Really not looking forward to going back to work: I took the last couple of the days off before xmas and I’ve decided it’s time to discuss my issues with my employers rather than blame it on, ‘stomach issues.’

January is a fairly grim time - I hope you all look after yourselves and this thread continues to help all who need it.


I don’t have the energy my life requires right now. I could cope if just one or two things were a problem but can’t cope with health, money, housing, family and relationships, work etc. all at once.
The other day I caught myself thinking it might be nice to be in a really serious accident and maybe be hospitalised and looked after for a while, and maybe have a good excuse for everything being shit.


I think this quite a lot, well I guess it’s a little different in terms of fantasising about getting terminal cancer so I’m not responsible for wasting my potential any more.

Is there any way we can help? Really wish I had the money to lend you some but I’m struggling right now too sadly.

Sorry today’s been very tough for you, sending positive thoughts your way at the very least :slight_smile:


I’ve had kinda similar thoughts, more focused on getting into accidents or being murdered but then feel really self-indulgent and doubt myself even more

Things are tough for a lot of people I guess. I probably just need to do something to take the edge off my anger. really wish I could have a piano in my house or somewhere to play tennis. something to get engrossed in.


Could get or borrow a keyboard from someone? Must be loads of London dispersed with spare fun musical gear. I played a lot of tennis with my mates last summer and I really miss it (even though I was pants), it was something to look forward to each week and exercise always helps me. Hope to get back into it once the weather improves.

Thanks for the chat, I’m feeling a bit down too so it has helped to relate to someone, cheers :slight_smile:


Disers/dispersed, all the same


Thats a great idea thanks x


man I’m so deeply sad and alone

feel guilty for feeling this way but I can’t seem to help it.


I was rooting through some stuff the other day and found the DS Lite I bought from you ages ago. Might get some new games for it and play some more.

Hope you feel better soon.


oh I forgot I sold that to you, that’s nice :slight_smile:

Thanks man, hope you’re doing well? x


Not really, but getting by. Thanks.


I don’t have anything useful to say here, but I feel very similar a lot of the time (and with far fewer things to cope with than you are contending with). I hope the situations with various aspects of your life can calm down a bit so things can feel a lot more manageable again x


I recommend Elektroplankton if you can still find it nice and cheap, flawed by arriving a console generation too early but you can lose yourself in a soothing loop of it for ages.