How's your depression?


Sorry to hear that, hope i haven’t made me you feel worse.


Major back-to-work anxiety. I’m an introvert in a factory of extroverts. It’s tough.


my offer stands if you want to talk about things. I feel like you’ve listened to me blab about my issues plenty of late, so just drop me a text if you fancy a drink and a great ear for a good track chat.


Cheers. I’ll bear it in mind but bizarrely I only feel like talking about this sort of stuff when I feel okay at which point I don’t feel the need to talk about it.


my life is pretty bleak at the moment


So unrelentingly shite at the moment. Can’t really see myself being alive for much longer. I got so drunk on nye it would have been a great chance to die in a foolish accident, really annoyed I didn’t fall into the road and get run over.


Me and other people love you and are here for you x


always here for a chat if anyone wants to PM me :slight_smile:

also if you can think of a way I can help you further please let me know.


Sorry things are crap for you

Shrewbie you are one of the best people i’ve ever met and you deserve a nice life x


Really considering more and more seriously to try to get put on sick leave by my GP so I wouldn’t have to keep trying to make work life work out for me cause it’s just not and I’m constantly so fucking stressed out over it. Can’t pay my bills even though I don’t even have to pay rent and when I have had chances in the past year to make more money I’ve had to give it up because my depressed fucking brain can’t handle it and just wants to sleep all day every day. I have one deadline coming up for a big job application and if that doesn’t work out then I honestly just give up



sorry things are sucking so much for you right now WR :frowning:

Just take it one day at a time though, you’ll get through! I’m sure you’ll feel better once you’ve sent off the application.


It’s not really right now, it’s always, but I handle it better most of the time. Just feeling a bit fragile today I guess.

Thanks though pal x


pe I can come in here for advice. On Sunday I had what I assume was a panic attack, it was horrible. I convinced my self I was going to die like literally overnight, even had MrS phoning 111 on what I’d probably the worst night of the year because I was so worked up. It was only talking through the symptoms with the lady on the phone that made me realise what it was, the lovely doctor ringing back at half one in the morning to check helped as well although by then I was feeling a bit odd about it all rather than panicking.

Since then I have been ill with a gastro flu, either in bed or on the sofa, feel and look terrible although better than I was and have no idea how I will get to work or even up and dressed on Thursday. I keep having thoughts about just quitting everything but even then if I rationally think it through I feel like I would still feel the same.

All of this has come since Sunday, I am never normally the panicking or depressive/anxious type (except around certain travelling things) so I just don’t know how to stop myself being like it. Even now I am feeling tight headed, panicky and like I just want someone to put me in a room where I can just do nothing and be looked after. I can feel so much that this makes no sense and I will look back in a few weeks like what the hell? But currently am struggling, any advice? .x

Put this in the other thread and got some lovely replies, thought I would repost here so it doesn’t get lost’.


yeah I wasn’t meaning to dismiss your experience just trying to look on the bright side as some times a different perspective can help :slight_smile:

Reckon an early night’s sleep could help?


Didn’t take it that way :slight_smile:
Slept literally all day so have my doubts about getting to bed early, but very determined to try to do something actually productive tomorrow – haven’t done that in a while.


that’s the spirit! Go for a walk or something if the weather is nice, it’s been really shit here today sadly


I am going to get up, go outside, have a walk even if just round the block and sort myself out tomorrow.


sorry you’re going through this slicky! I’ve gone through phases of having a lot of panic attacks and they really are so intense and fearful it’s hard to focus on anything else. I’m sorry this probably isn’t a great insight but I’ve found going for walks helps and also listening to podcasts or anything sorta “content neutral” for want of a better phrase that can take your mind out of yourself. I found sudoku were really good sometimes if I could settle to them. Something reassuring about maths and stuff, the certainty of it.

Sadly sometimes it’s just been a case of waiting for them to pass. Thankfully I hardly get them anymore though I still struggle with depression. Maybe they were caused by job stress or something, or maybe it’s because I hardly drink anymore. Cutting down on alcohol always helps.

Take care of yourself, we’re all here for you!


also basic things like breathing exercises like breathe in for four seconds, hold for four, breathe out for four can help.


Thanks bammers, you’re a top help. Feeling a bit emotional at how lovely everyone is on here xx