How's your depression?


ah it’s ok! We all give back our help in different ways so don’t feel embarassed or like you’re burdening anyone :slight_smile:


Living alone in increasing loneliness shocker.

Really worried about my performance at work. I’m finding it so difficult to concentrate. I think (hope) it will be better in February when the office closer to me reopens.

I just feel really flat at the moment? And I’m struggling with my faith as well which is something I know DiS isn’t going to be sympathetic to but is causing me quite a lot of pain. And it has been that faith that has kept me clear of wanting to kill myself so that scares me.

I’m sorry that I only ever use this thread to vent and not to give support to others. I just don’t really know the right things to say. But I read every post and I love you all and hope for the best for you always.


I think there’s a few religious people on here you can call on and I’m sure no one would be a bell end about it :man_shrugging:


i don’t think anyone on here, atheist or otherwise, would wish you to be upset about your struggles with your faith. i’m not a believer myself but i can still recognise that religion can be a big support to some people, so i hope that you get through this (even though as someone with next to no experience of religion i can’t think of anything helpful to say!)


I think this time of year can be difficult in terms of faith. Everything is centred around it, a massive preparation through advent and then the new year…but it can sometimes feel flat as a celebration of faith, for me anyway.

Tbh I find the same with Easter, I find my faith much more of a continual journey and support than a rotation of liturgical events if that makes sense.
Always happy to DM about this kind of thing xx


Not been outside for over three weeks, only had any kind of conversation with my mum in that time. Disordered eating again, not being productive at all with deadlines and exams over the next few weeks, no hopes for the future whatsoever or any real desire for anything.

Feel weirdly fine about it all. Amused, even.


I’ve had this feeling a good bit throughout uni. Consider making a list of three things to do tomorrow, even if they’re small, and schedule in some time to do something that you like. Even if you only do one or two of the things it still pulls you forward, and can allow you to gain some momentum. I hope you feel better soon :slight_smile:


Has anyone here ever tried any of those online counselling services that seem to be popping up atm? Keep getting ads for for example. They are licensed psychologists etc. The few times I’ve tried traditional face-to-face therapy I’ve felt really uncomfortable so I’m curious as to whether this sort of thing might be a place to at least start for me.


It seems obvious enough doesn’t it but I think I’ll have to start doing this ASAP because I’m wasting my time with so much pointless shit which is neither productive nor anything I particularly enjoy. Thanks for the advice!


Im not a believer myself but things you have posted about this have been some of the most thougtful and interesting posts. I dont think anyone on here would get away with deriding another user for their religious beliefs anymore, or even showing lack of respect for peoples faith either. If they do I will get them x


Hello lovely DiS hive mind,

I thought this could be a great anonymous place to get some advice. I don’t really suffer from depression, but a lot of people around me do.

One person in particular is my now ex-girlfriend, who I split from a month or so, albeit in amicable terms. She suffers from depression, has taken medication, had actually come off the medication, and it seemed to be backfiring… she’s also prone to suicidal thoughts, some of which recently have been particularly haunting.

I’m trying to think of a productive way to help or do something in the face of such terrifying darkness and futility. One idea I had was that I could make her a sort of mental health scrapbook. I’d include in it this list of good mental health self-love activities that she actually wrote for herself a couple of years ago but has probably forgotten about, this glowing review she received from work that she was so chuffed about she printed it, bunch of pictures of people and stuff she really likes, maybe this guide to self-care that I saw someone post online a while ago, maybe a page for gratefulness and a page for things to look forward to… idk.

Another aspect is that she actually works in mental health so I’m not sure if receiving something like this would actually just make her feel useless.

Anyway I was basically after some guidance over whether this sounds like a good or a bad idea. Often for somebody who doesn’t suffer from mental health even the most well-intentioned gesture can ultimately be a bit hollow, aggravating, misery-inducing, or one of many other complicated and unintentional reactions. It’s certainly not going to cure everything. I would also like to make it clear there is genuinely no part of me that is trying to win her back with this gesture - our split was amicable and quite probably for the best long term.

Idk, thoughts appreciated. I’ve kicked off 2018 with two people that I’m close to feeling terrifying suicidal and I’m a bit scared


It’s hard to say how a person will react to something like that so I dont think anyone can really answer yes or no.

Would it not be possible to ask her if she might likea little self care gift? Could you talk to her about why you thought this might be a useful or nice thing for her?

I think it’s really good that you are thinking of ways to help and support her as a friend, and you are rightly considering how it might complicate your relationship so soon after the break up.

Also while I think its normal and good to want to support people around us, we do have to remember we are not a substitute for professional help.


:wave: happy to talk, @PocketMouse, if it helps.


You’re definitely right. Maybe it would be better to simply bring up some of those things in conversation and talk about them. My main impetus for staying in contact is to keep an eye out for her and to ultimately encourage her to continue to seek help.

One of the harder aspects of it is that she’s done the whole medication thing for a long time, come off it, and now sunken into a black hole. And feeling chained to medication and useless without it must also be quite a hard thing to deal with. I don’t think she’s had extended therapy / counselling so maybe that’s the next step professional help wise?


Agree with DB that there’s know way to tell how it might go down. It’s a lovely idea, but may not be what she needs - again as DB says, talking to her about it is probably the right approach. I think the best thing you can do is to tell her that even though you split up, you still care about her and you’re always available to listen if she ever needs

Worth watching this too if you haven’t already (sorry to everyone else that’s probably seen it a million times)


I hadn’t seen this before and it’s actually really useful, thank you. Gonna bookmark this.

I’m seeing her irl for the first time since we split over this weekend, and I’m conscious that I should probably bring up her mental health at some point, but a bit nervous to do so. I feel the responsibility because I know I’m the only person in her life she talks to / can talk to about it. The advice about basically just listening without judgment, showing I care, and ultimately encouraging her to seek help without making her feel useless are all invaluable things for me to consider.


I’ve definitely put my foot in before by trying to encourage her that exercise is A+++ for mental health benefits (i think if I didn’t run and play football I’d be a mess and all) but that ultimately backfired for reasons of body image consciousness. It’s a tricky old minefield. I was saying it with absolutely no thought about her body and absolutely every thought about how de-stressed I feel once I’ve been out running on my own for an hour


Hey @PocketMouse as someone who pretty much only hasn’t ended it too in the past because of my faith, I’m happy to talk whenever. Also wish u lived near so we could hang out :sob: (but one of my things to do this year is visit the Yorkshire nature bits so maybe then!)

Also same as what pm said, I don’t post much other than to rant but I read the posts and I’m here for anyone who wants to talk, you’re all brilliant <3


I’m not sure what I’m planning to do, cause all options are inexplicably making me feel a low-level sense of sadness. Probably isn’t the right thread for it really tbh.

Kinda just want to eat a sandwich


I just ate a pizza and am about to chow down on some serious chocolate. Must feel better