How's your depression?


I think I am going to quit my job this week

even though I dont have another one

is this a bad bad idea? I dont know if im being stupid


yeah this is a terrible idea nm


I did this, it turned out ok


I have no money saved up and my partners are all also completely broke
my career is already a disaster


I hate my job


i dont have the courage to do this, tempted to announce i’ll be leaving in 4 months or something though


what are you gonna do instead?


wanna find a job in Brussels and think imposing a deadline on myself might help


wish everyone good could just move to brussels


would love to hear updates on how this works for you.


i’m feeling in quite a bad way at the moment. really worried about my relationship again. we almost broke up at the end of december but decided to work on things. it seemed to be going well for a couple of weeks but has gone downhill.

i’m so scared about losing him but what makes it worse and what i’m finding quite tough at the moment is i don’t really have much of a support network. i have a couple of people i see socially very occasionally, who live far away, and them plus one or two others (one of whom is better friends with my boyfriend) who i chat to online sometimes. i feel very isolated and don’t know how i’m going to cope on my own. feel sick thinking about it.

i went to the doctor’s a few weeks ago about my anxiety, got referred for therapy of some kind and i’m waiting for a call to determine what sort would be most suitable and then i’ll get put on a waiting list


might become a human rights lawyer

(wrong thread whoops but relevant here idk)


I’m sorry to hear it’s not going too well love. And it’s perfectly normal to feel frightened about it.

I know it’s sometimes a lot easier to cling onto something because it feels safe and comfortable and the alternative is scary, but it sounds like it may be causing you anxiety with the uncertainty of the future? And that won’t make you happy long term.

You can always pm me if you wanna chat (I’m off to bed now but I’ll reply in the morning if you do msg!)


Hope everything works out ok for you, Frogslegs.


do remember that on the flip side this thread provides a great help to many people :upside_down_face:

everyone who has posted in this thread is glad that it exists. i bet there’s a fair few lurkers who read this thread for various reasons (eg. just seeing that other people are going through this shit even if they don’t feel a need to join the conversation)


So as a bunch of you know, in summer 2016 I was hospitalised in Vienna after having a manic episode. I spent 6 weeks in the day centre, weaving baskets and playing music and going on group hikes and putting on weight and having a lot of therapy. It was a pretty weird time for me, as you can imagine, and I was pretty depressed (typical after being manic), and my five year relationship was falling apart - not surprising since I had had an affair whilst manic. I listened to a lot of Neko Case, especially Middle Cyclone (This Tornado Loves You), and walked around the hospital grounds (actually a beautiful psychiatric hospital with lots of trees and green space) and that part of town, alone, in a sunny daze. I was taking Seroquel and another antipsychotic and was out of it most of the time.

After 18 months, I’m doing much much better. But I still can’t shake these memories, feelings, and emotions of being in the hospital. Not that I necessarily want to forget, but it’s almost like it’s still on my mind A LOT of the time. Every time I listen to Neko Case or any other song from my hospital playlist (which I have since deleted) I feel like I am back there. I don’t know how to shake the feeling of depression and heartache that I feel when I am reminded of that time in my life. Will it just fade? I feel like it’s been long enough, it’s like I’m traumatised or something. And since then I’ve left Vienna so it’s not like I can go back there and walk around and have immersion therapy. Idk what the point of this post is, apart from writing stuff down. I just want someone to tell me that it’ll get better, I guess. I feel like I carry a lot of emotional baggage around with me and I would really like to let it go somehow. How? I wish there were easy answers.

Hope you guys are doing ok. Hugs to all of you, keep keep keep passing those open windows, and in the words of Neko Case, “hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on”.


I sacked it off for a couple of weeks as everything was getting on top of me but I’m gonna dive back in shortly and tackle my Hierarchy of Fears. I’ll let you know how I get on.


I’m not one to suggest seeing a therapist as a solution to most issues, but in this case I feel like it might help to see one and talk through that part of your life, how it’s still making you feel and see what they can do to help you resolve some of that baggage. I do think it’ll would get better over time anyway in the sense of coming to mind less often, but until whatever issues are still around are dealt with and/or accepted then you’ll probably still find them cropping up every now and then.

Still good to hear that you’re doing much better though gp - nice to have you back around too :slight_smile:


I feel so sad and anxious and stressed this week. My insomnia is fully back and I can’t really tell anyone cause I can’t take the whole “it’s just a bad night” no, it’s 10 bad nights in a row.
Can’t really focus too much on anything.
Feeling v distracted.

I’m just having one of those “no one understands me” weeks.



Big hugs meo. I went through a spell of sleeping really badly late last year and found it slightly easier to get a couple of hours rest Rescue Night capsules - although they didn’t solve the problem anywhere near completely.

Try and look after yourself and don’t overdo things while you’re like this and if it carries on don’t feel too bad about going to see a GP and asking if they can give you anything that might help.


(I wish the hug emoji was more sympathetic looking!)


Gosh, you think? I just parted ways with my therapist because she is leaving and because I am feeling so much better. Hopefully I’ll get assigned a new one though. Maybe I’ll talk to my psychiatrist about it the next time I see him. Maybe you’re right, maybe I just need to talk about it somewhat, because I haven’t really.