How's your depression?


Anyone else surrounded by and unable to escape depression?

I am drawn to other depressed people and can’t stop.


Is there anyone with you who can take a lead on trying to sort it out for you? Take the pressure off you figuring it out. It is definitely something that could justify an urgent appointment also, so don’t be afraid of saying that it is. Or if it is that bad, remember emergency services are there for mental health emergencies too so don’t be afraid to use A&E if you need to.

I wish I could be more helpful here x


Don’t worry. None of you need to help. It’s nobody’s fault .


Vague food stuff

Been back in the city I live in during term time for about 10 days and already I’ve spiralled back into awful eating habits and body image thoughts. Seems like I can only cope if I’m stuck in my parents house and I don’t ever have to leave and there are no shops around. Don’t feel like it will ever end.

Also think it’s been over a year since I had a sober conversation with anyone other than my parents that wasn’t out of circumstance/necessity (work/uni project/housemates). Really do prefer being alone but still feel somehow entitled to something more.


Yeah, I really can’t deal with this :frowning:

I am not equal to my responsibilities. I can’t see any way of figuring out how to cope with life. I don’t know how to look after myself let alone fix my brain.

Can someone tell me that it will be ok?


Hey FL. I can’t pretend I know or understand what’s going on inside your head at the moment, but I do deeply believe that things get better eventually for everyone.

In the meantime, we’re here for you to talk at and we definitely care about you.


I had some very difficult points this week and one of the things that helped me survive it was your support. I think you might be stronger than you realise right now xxxx


Ugh so I have been told I have a corneal ulcer which needs aggressive treatment or I’ll go blind. This means eye drops every hour for 48 hours and I have to be at work on Monday whether I want to or not. Have barely been sleeping due to sertraline (which is great for my depression but my sleep suffers) and I’m dreading this so so so much. I have to do it because if not I’ve let myself damage my eye permanently, but the crushing dread at basically not sleeping for 2 days is draining me. Can’t tell anyone at home about my eye infection either as it will scare them and I can’t deal with their reactions or worry, would rather handle it alone. Setting my alarms for every hour for the next two days is making me feel sick, but in a muted, creepy way because the sertraline is obviously doing something argh it feels really shit, even my swooping stomach feeling i get when I dread something feels off. Freaking out a bit tbh


:frowning: sounds really unpleasant but you can do this! You will get through and feel better once it’s done.

Very sorry you’ve got to deal with this though, is it painful?


Not too much, just gutted as work is tough atm and I really want to rest on the weekend but that isn’t going to happen and I feel a bit shit about that. Probably just need to suck it up but I love sleep so much and hate not being able to have my lovely undisturbed sleep


yeah sleep is great, I seem to be having some real trouble with it lately which is a shame. Can you run yourself a nice relaxing hot bath instead or something?


Honey that sounds so serious and I’m so sorry you’re going through it. There’s no health condition that stress doesnt exacerbate. Are you totally sure you can’t take a sick day on monday?
Sending lots of cat cuddles xxxxx


I’m so sorry that’s horrible :pensive: is there no one outside your family you can speak to about it and who can help you? I know you don’t want to worry your family but this is serious and it’ll help you so much if you’re not dealing with it all on your own. Lots of love to you and I hope you can have some time off after Monday to recover x

@DarwinBabe I’ll dm you with what I currently take, if you run out I’ll be more than happy to lend you some.

@incandenza/ @greenarrow everyone has given you great advice - I think with this girl, you do need to make a clean break until you can clear the intensity of your feelings. It possibly might help you look for happiness in other things, instead of this one person, which is never healthy. People are never gonna live up to expectations, let’s face it! Attending talks with NB folk is a really good idea as well if that’s something you want to explore further. It’ll even help you meet new people which is always a good thing. Really hope you can feel brighter soon.

@stickboy thanks pal! I did visit the Tate Modern myself this week, which was great. I have tried online dating etc but it’s not really for me!


Just need a little citalopram, like maybe 20g a day even for a week until I can go to the doctors. If not, I will just phone them up crying…

Lol grams obviously meant mg


Ah I’m on Fluoxetine so can’t help :pensive:


I just found a packet with nine tablets left so its acrually ok :slightly_smiling_face:


If you end up completely out again, let me know - I’m on exactly the same and have a repeat prescription, so may be able to help next time.


You guys are the coolest people I know x


Thank you, and thank you @DarwinBabe and people who liked those posts also :heart:

I have been hit pretty hard by this latest wave of depression. Part because it has coincided with lots of stress from factors external to me (ex being awkward, family being tense, R throwing lots of tantrums) and also part because as I alluded to in a post earlier in the week it feels like I am out of options for treatment. I am on the maximum dose of both my meds, and both therapy and the mh first response team have turned me away (twice in the case of the latter) because they can’t do anything for me. I will go back to my GP but I am not sure what else they can do other than maybe change my meds again, but I have already been on quite a few different types and nothing seems to help for more than a short while.

Maybe I am stronger than I think, but I am so tired. If I am strong it is because I have no other option, R relies on me. Selfishly, I don’t want to be strong right now. Being strong only wears me out more and I am worn so thin already I feel like I am brittle and could shatter. I want to wallow in bed for a week and just give up for a while. Of course I shouldn’t do that, I can’t do that and I won’t. But I want to. TW/CW: self harm Also having strong thoughts about cutting, which isn’t something I have not done in years, and that is really fatiguing to fight against.


I am glad that my support meant something to you. I hope things are going to begin to get a bit easier for you now x