How's your depression?


Ah cheers mate. I hope you know youre a wonderful person :slight_smile:


thanks just trying to show the love and respect I’ve been given here by many others, yourself included so it’s all good we’ll all be ok together!


Thanks pal, coping much better today. Thanks for the kind wishes.


No worries, glad to hear it! Funny how a day can make a big difference sometimes even when not much changes, i find that really gives me hope when I’m feeling low never really know if tomorrow might be better


This is getting daft. I went to bed at 7 ish last night and slept through till now. I’m depressed but I dunno why. I’ve dealt with awful anxiety and OCD in recent years and as a kid but this feels a bit different.


I wouldn’t spend too much time worrying about why. It’s not something that always needs a reason. I’m a ridiculously heavy sleeper when I’m down as well. No amount ever seems enough. It’s baffling.

I’m sorry you’re having to go through this. If it persists and is worrying you it might be time to think about seeing a GP.


Absolutely this. The point about mental health is that there isn’t always a rational or explainable reason for things. Look after yourself as best you can @yuggy and try to take it easy for now if you can x


ok back to finding everything about myself absolutely awful


nah you’re great and inspiring :slight_smile:


Thanks honey that’s nice of you to say xxx


don’t want to seem like I’m kissing your arse but you come across as a very intelligent, educated and kind person who isn’t afraid to stand up for what they believe in plus you always look great in your selfies so no issues there either!

I know sometimes it doesn’t really make a difference to a person’s self-esteem to hear these things BUT…on the other hand some times it does! Sometimes people should be allowed to hear nice things about themselves.

I try to remember that my only real responsibility in life is to try and enjoy my life and be kind to others, I think you can definitely achieve that and more and wish you loads of luck with it :slight_smile:


If I can help or support you in any way at all, just say. X


I’m just going to rant and let it out. I don’t think I’ve posted in this thread before.

I’m generally a very anxious person over the smallest if things but the last couple of months everything seems to be going wrong.

a) My nephew has been very sick for a few months and has been hospitalised.
b) Somones been trying to ID fraud me which had been very stressful.
c) The cat nearly died and is now on meds.
d) Works been stressful, and I’ve been struggling mentally as it seems my head has been in a constant tired fogginess state.

I’m not sure how to change things either and feel very overwhelmed and helpless.

I’m not even sure what im trying to say really. I feel like booking a week off work but the workload won’t go away as im the only developer in our department. I feel trapped.



sounds like an awful lot to deal with all at once, there’s no shame in feeling a bit out of control under those circumstances. Things will improve for you though!

All the love in the world to your nephew as well, I think you mentioned it in another thread and sounds like he’s being very brave. Hoping he gets better soon!

Hang in there pal, we’re all here for you :slight_smile:


Thanks Bam. I know my problems are quite small compared to others, and hopefully it’s only temporary but with everything hitting at once, I just needed to let it out.


I wouldn’t say your problems are that small really! You have a lot to deal with, don’t beat yourself up over feeling bad :slight_smile:

Hope you’re doing better today anyway


just need a space to vent right now. I have to do a critical thinking test for a job interview (which I have done loads of before and always score really highly in) but my wifi isnt being switched on in the new flat till tomorrow. I am also stressed about the evening ahead - travelling across London with my cat and his litter tray etc. to hide him at my friend’s house cause my landlord needs to access the flat tomorrow and doesnt know about the cat. im in a really noisy coffee shop and feel super dizzy. I slept really badly last night and had a nosebleed at work today. I just cant think or do this test. plus complicated personal things, dealing with relationships and other demands on my time. I honestly just dont know if I am really bad at juggling lots of things at once or if it’s how anyone would feel in a similar situation. I’m just gonna risk it and do the test at my friend’s house I think. but the cat will be really restless at first :frowning: argh how do normal people just manage life? I need a PA.


can really empathise with this xxx


Just had to go find a little corner to sit in and hide. Don’t know why sometimes I am totally fine and then there are times I can’t be around other people. Like just there someone walked past me and I felt panicked.


Hey DB, big hugs. I think lots of us would feel similar in the same situation; you’ve been dealing with a lot this year and it’s been absolutely relentless as well. Really hope you get the time soon to just go for a long walk, sit in the library or whatever it is that really helps you switch off and relax. x