How's your depression?


Feel pretty low. I broke my ankle almost 2 months ago. First weeks were difficult but manageable, but the longer it’s gone on, the more arduous it’s become. Not sure I’m doing the physio right or damaging it further. Don’t really want to socialise but also feel isolated. Everything seems quite crap atm.


Hopefully it will calm down now.
My nephews on medication and is getting better, hopefully he’ll be out on Thursday. He was super happy today which cheered me right up.
There hasn’t been any more fraud for a week, so hopefully the security measures will sort that out.
Whilst the cat is ill and doesn’t have a huge amount of time, he’s happy and is being good with his meds.

Regards work my manager is away at the moment so I’ve been reporting to a director. He knows all the above (especially my nephew) and asked if i was okay yesterday, to which i said not really and explained.

He told me to leave at lunch today and not take it as holiday and literally ushered me out the building. He says if i need to take time just do it. I’ve been developing on a half million pound contract for the last year, knows ive gone beyond what’s expected and to take time out if and when I want to.


Hope things go well with your test and landlord. Just seen this in the news…


I feel this pretty regularly. There are times when I can function like a normal human, interact on some kind of level with others and then other times (like this week) where I just can’t. I literally cannot.

When I have to interact at these times, I can’t maintain eye contact - I just look at the floor or middle distance, speak in the most sonorous monotone and stumble and stammer over simple words. If I think someone is walking towards me to talk to me, I physically shrink down behind my screens to try and hide. It’s exhausting, it makes me so anxious and quite honestly, is fucking embarrassing.

All I want to do is hide myself away from view far far away from anyone else. Like, deep in the midst of an impenetrable forest or something.


I can empathise with the situation with your cat. A couple of years ago, one of ours went missing for a week, when he returned he was partially paralysed - only had the use of one leg. We thought he’d been in a fight. Sadly, he had a huge tumour at the base of his neck that was putting immense pressure on his spinal cord.

We had the choice of trying to give him a little longer with palliative care or to take that unimaginable decision to put him to sleep. We wanted to try and give him a chance so gave him the meds, but he detiriorated even further within 24-hours so had to take him to the vet one last time.

It sounds as though the meds are giving your cat a little longer, that’s a lovely thing. I hope you can enjoy however long you have with them and can look back on this time fondly.

Also, props to your boss as well - having an understanding and supportive manager is absolutely invaluable in helping to manage anxiety / depression / other mental illness - although it doesn’t remove the pressure, it can help to ease it.

Hope things continue to improve with your nephew and that the fraud situation has been knocked on the head once and for all, mate.


I am the same. I got so nervous going away with my best friend for 5 days because i’m just not used to being around people for more than half a day or one day?
What on earth was I gonna say?! I’ll run out of chat!!
But obviously it was fine and we had a great time :smiley:

Even with my boyfriend, the weekends are spent doing out separate things then we’ll have a few hours in the afternoon/evening. I need my time alone to go do my thing or just lay about and be quiet and watch my shows or potter about.

I struggle working in an office a lot because theres always so many people around talking loudly and the noise just feels unbearable some times! My noise cancelling headphones do help block it out a bit but realistically, I can’t wear those all the time. Just can’t BEAR the sound of peoples noises!


I find everything noisy. Dunno if i’ve got glue ear or something, or maybe it’s just undiagnosed hypersensititivy or similar, but every time a door shuts or a phone rings or anything like that it sounds like it’s literally happening in my ear. Someone can open a packet of crisps at the other end of a pub and it annoys me, ffs. It’s weird as fuck, but happens with light and heat as well, or even smells and tastes. Everything’s either too loud, too light, too cold or hot or tastes or smells funny.


I saw this! It’s something I actually banged on about for ages so I am very happy they are considering this. It would really make my life easier as a poor person whose son happens to be a cat.


Luckily Gizmo is very good at taking his meds, you wouldn’t know he was ill now. I’ve got a routine going by giving his brother a treat first, and then he wants in on the action and I give him a treat with the tablets inside.

I’ve just found out that my nephew is going home later today (with a course of steroids), also Experian have informed me that 4 out of the 5 credit applications have been erased from my credit file. Things are looking up.


been smiled at a few times recently and have no idea how to react as I’m used to people looking right through me. burrowed my eyes into the ground on one occasion which, ironically, probably came across really rude or hostile.


anyone else here put on a shit ton of weight due to being depressed/taking medication?

i’ve put on 10kg and my clothes don’t fit anymore. i’ve tried dieting but it just depresses me and i end up comfort eating even more so now i’ve settled at just desperately trying not to put on any more weight.

i’m really upset by this, i don’t like my body at all right now :frowning:

i want to stop taking my antidepressants because i think they are contributing to my weight gain but i’m worried about getting depressed and suicidal again, ergh


Not on any medication but I’ve definitely put on a bunch of weight in the last year, finding it very hard to get the motivation to lose any. Looking forward to snacking is often all I have to break up the boredom.

I’m sure you look great regardless though! I’d say it’s easier to lose weight than to gain peace of mind but I mean that could be different for different people. Try not to be too harsh on yourself please :slight_smile:

Sorry I’m not more help!


thanks bam, any words are helpful right now :slight_smile:

i used to do a ton of sport, i used to run half marathons, and then stopped during my manic episode when i lost a bunch of weight, but now i have no interest in doing anything after work apart from laying in bed and posting on dis. i went to a yoga class last week and i want to get into it a bit though, i guess that’s a good step? i just wish i could get up on a saturday morning and run 15km like i used to. i bet then the weight would come off too.

you’re right that i still look ok. but… my clothes. and the scales. and my self-esteem.


ah small steps and you will get there! :slight_smile:

I can empathise though, sometimes it’s really hard to find the motivation, lately I’ve been struggling to bother to leave the house.

How about walking? I love a good walk and a podcast!


so much this.

i know how i could improve my life and mental health in small and manageable ways if i had the motivation. as it is i cant bring myself to throw away the old banana that has been drying out on my passenger seat. metaphor banana.


i know, and i know i am doing a good job by just getting out of bed and going to work and stuff but i feel like i have it in me to do more, you know?

i try to walk home from work every day, it’s about 25 min, which helps. i should walk more though, and if i actually was motivated i could get out of bed early enough to walk to work too. i’m going to try to cycle to work tomorrow :slight_smile:


some antidepressants definitely contribute to weight gain, not just by increasing your appetite but even by changing the way you metabolise food. it might be worth bringing up with your doctor, even if it’s not desirable to come off the AD they may be able to give you something to offset the weight gain.


yeah, when i talked about it last time to my doctor he said he would bring it up with his supervisor, and i am seeing him again on friday so i stupidly have my hopes up that he will have an answer. i think i have gained a lot of water weight as well as it all seems to be around my tummy and i just feel bloated a lot of the time.


sounds familiar. i’m as skinny as a rake and have never put on weight easily, but i tried an antidepressant recently and almost immediately started bloating around the belly. wasn’t even eating that much! if it’s a thing where it’s affecting your confidence it’s definitely worth considering whether there might be an alternative. i think the key is having that alternative and making sure you taper off gradually with the help of your doctor. you know best though! hope I’m not sounding too unappreciative of how the antidepressants helped you.


good plan :slight_smile: I think you’re taking great steps already!