How's your depression?


anyone got the Christmas dread? Seems like the weird pressure of the occasion brings out the worst in my house, my brother will inevitably become psychotic, crisis team/police will have to called when he gets violent, parents will be sniping at each other for no reason, until by one will declare they have had enough and wants a divorce, I'll be sitting in my room feeling useless waiting for it to end, a typical Christmas


You're not the only one to have the dread. A couple of days ago I had my first panic attack in this half of the year, and spent most of yesterday in complete anxiety about getting the train home.

Got the "something bad is about to happen" repeating thought going round and round at the moment. Can't end soon enough.

All I can suggest is we try and make some regular time for ourselves, short bursts of getting away from it. Hope yours isn't so bad in the end!


Yes, I'm currently missing it because of this


Christmas can be a tough time for a lot of people. If you're struggling don't suffer in silence. As you can see above you're really not alone.

If it becomes too much these people can help, even if you just need someone to listen.


Got a therapeutic assessment this afternoon and I'm gonna be as honest as possible about exactly what I'm experiencing. I'm thinking of writing it down right now to take in. I'm really terrified. I wish I could just link them to some of my posts on here.


best of luck!


Kind of feel like I need to take action this year, the past month my mood has been jet black the past month, bordering on weird paranoia.

Downloaded the moodkit app, seems quite good, never thought much of CBT because there is no way it can solve my problems, but it might take the edge of lower tier day to day bleakness. Plus the various practical tips it has are really useful, hopefully little things will have a cumulative effect.

Might try and get some proper help, but not sure much can be done when it is a combination of situational factors, neurological difference along with depression, so no idea what to ask for. Also think that because I am quite stable and (appear) functional they won't offer me anything, whatever I need would need to be pretty intensive.

Anyway, have a brief spell of positivity just through deciding to take action, just hope I'm not setting myself up for a fall, probably should be aiming for acceptance not change


Hi sad pals!

saw a really awesome film about depression last night, worth sourcing out if you can!


Could you copy and paste some of the posts into your phone? If you explain that you feel you've already articulated it well on a forum and have the posts at the ready, I think they would want to see it.

Either way, I hope it goes well. It's okay to be scared about the assessment but it does get better!


I’d never heard of this before but after googling about it I’m really keen to give it a try. Thanks for mentioning it in your post.

Glad to hear you’re feeling a bit more positive. If you feel like getting some further help would have any chance of helping you, I recommend that you do. It’s hard to say what you’ll be offered at first, as everywhere seems to do things differently. But it’s likely that they’ll offer a mental health assessment and if not, you could try asking the GP for one during your appointment. It’s okay to say “I know I seem stable but I’m really not” and they will probably (hopefully) understand that.

Something that a lot of people don’t realise is that half the battle with depression is the efforts made to appear “okay” and the strain that causes on the psyche, it’s completely draining.


had first session with my psychotherapist and she says it sounds really like I am a 'Highly Sensitive Person'.


Ooooooh, throwing the technical terms about already


yeh, she gave me a book to read about it to see if it explains anything more for me. reading up on it now and talking to my bf it kinda makes a lot more sense but then idk if I just want the confirmation or something.


"According to my research several successful historical figures were highly sensitive, such as Albert Einstein, Martin Luther King, and Steve Jobs."

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


glad you're getting treatment and very proud of you for trying it xxx

i've been told this before myself, but i don't really know where it stands in relation to dyspraxia and other processing disorder-related diagnosis?


yeah I don't really know anything about it, but gonna read up on it a bit and see and if helps explain anything before the next session. totally gonna use this to get a little booth room so I can work in the library though.


Id have run out of the room screaming.


So the Doctor has given me Sertraline for my anxiety and depression. Any one else taking it? how's it going?

I only took my 1st tablet an hour or so ago so it's early days for me.


Yeah, I started on it about a month ago. Was getting really anxious all the time, short tempered, glum and (according to my wife) just a general pain in the arse to be around. Eventually I sent a bunch of somewhat ill considered emails out at work and subsequently decided 'Fuck, I need to get a grip on this' and went to the doctors. I won't gloss over it, the first week was pretty brutal - fuzzy head, insomnia, jaw-clenching and headache - but I've felt pretty good after this. I'm not even blowing a fuse when our six-month old is up three times a night! Good luck with it, pal.


thanks - good to hear

The doc gave me some Diazepam to take if things get bad during the 1st week