How's your depression?


do you get much exercise? That’s what helped me when I had bad anxiety issues. Sorry if this seems like a trivial comment, I hope you find some peace :slight_smile:


Not a great deal tbh. I’m planning on making my 4th (or 5th) attempt at the Couch to 5k thing next week as it happens. I really need to either press on even when I don’t feel I can or not ditch the whole thing if I can’t bring myself to get out for a week or two.

Thanks for caring Bam. Hope you’re doing well.


You’re a good un Bammers

In my experience, exercise definitely works. Like many things, it is taking the first step that is difficult.


how about a long walk whilst listening to a podcast on a subject you are interested in? I often find that really helpful.


Yeah, that helps now and again. Though at my lowest points all these lovely chatty podcasts sound like parties to which I was not invited and just make me worse. Which is entirely irrational, but y’know.


just hold on man, we are all here for you. You’re invited to the DiS party :slight_smile:


constant persecutory thoughts, can’t remember the last time I had fun, pushing people away, feel no hope about anything, everything makes me exhausted, just surviving etc.


Pushing people away is the worst thing about depression, anxiety and all that. You see your support network narrow as it becomes harder to mentain friendships and relationships.

But when you start feeling better and desire/feel able to mentain a social life it really helps you sort out those who love and care about you from the fairweather friends


oh I am having a shiter today


treat yourself to something nice later, you deserve it!


I have £0 in my bank account so don’t think that’s going to be possible :frowning:


want me to paypal you something?


Ha no that’s ok thank you, you were already very generous with kickstarter, my girlfriend can help for now :slight_smile:


fair enough, I guess just try to count your blessings, somebody loves you! :slight_smile:


After a good few weeks thanks to drugs from the doc I’m having a shitty couple of days thanks to a perfect storm of feeling ignored and valentine’s happiness being expressed by happy twats on social media




Thanks Bamnan (my phone wants to autocorrect your name to Hannah BTW). Hugs to you too dude.


that like is a ‘heart’ not a ‘like’. If that makes sense.

I’m a bit useless in general right now and have gone in to full on denial about a lot of things, but just want you to know I’m thinking of you and sending love man.


I’d make a good hannah I reckon


Thanks man, means a lot, hope you are ok x