How's your depression?


Basically heart at critical levels. think it’s a mix of dad’s failing body, mum’s failing mind and work stress hitting all at once.

Trying to do what i always do and basically bury myself in hobbies but that’s not working. if anything it’s making me feel like i’m pressuring myself more. on sat one of my oldest and best friends is back in the country and i’ve sounded the alarm that i need a beer. normally i would talk to my wife but she’s at a crucial place with her business and her exams and needs to feel steadied herself right now.

oh on that note: whoever started doing these threads, you really have been a lifesaver. it’s so good to be able to vent in here


it’s nice to hear about other people’s troubles and to try and help in some small way, can make us all feel a bit better :slight_smile:

That all sounds like a lot to cope with at once for sure, I can completely sympathise. I’m feeling very pressured that I have to make great music really quickly but it’s just driving me further away from being creative. Sometimes just having a silly laugh with a friend can take you completely away from yourself though so I really hope it provides some solace.

Keep powering on through, life won’t stay shitty forever x


I got a second round of CBT arranged after waiting nearly a year, I’m not sure how I’m going to explain it to work, my old boss who was quite understanding has gone and they’ve never replaced him.


I have a prescription for beta blockers and details of some counseling services. Currently trying not to cry for no reason in the pharmacy :+1:


Oddly enough, I have extremely similar issues - very anxious if I’m somewhere where I can’t escape or if there’s no loo. Had trouble on the tube for ages, always worry when catching trains that there’ll be no loo or it’ll be out of order, uncomfortable on car journeys unless i’m driving. It’s utterly exhausting.

In the end they prescribed me some drugs and they’re helping a lot. PropranoLOL also very handy.

Feel free to come play with Honey if you like, she’ll make you feel better!


:slight_smile: awesome!

Doctor told me to go home, sack off work for the day/week and do whatever the fuck I want. Think I’m going to have two lunches and watch all of the Futurama.


Sounds like a good tonic. Rest up!


is this cos you left your job to focus on music?

cos in that case maybe you need to find something that will take your focus away from music, so that you feel the inspiration to actually do it!

i’d gone through a long time without making any music and the thing that’s kicked me back into it this time is working with someone else who’s work i really admire

she’s a poet, and i’m making some backings to her work, it’s really fun (and i desperately want to get home from work to crack on with it)

maybe what you need is some inspiration like that (if you want to collaborate i have way loads of musical ideas/lyrics/poems)


aw that’s very sweet of you :slight_smile: I am finding it hard to write any lyrics at the moment. What’s the secret?


depends! i have a big list of random phrases and ideas, thing that i hear in other songs, things i mishear in other songs, things people say to me, things i hear on tv. then if i have enough phrases or ideas that are vaguely connected i can try putting them together

for me writing poems/lyrics is like a massive jigsaw, it’s an intellectual challenge but it’s not like that for everyone

can send you some of my stuff if you’re interested


Might be worth asking your doctor for blood tests too- I had/know other people who had similar nasty symptoms and it turned out a vitamin D or B12 deficiency or various endocrine/hormone issues was making everything worse on top of the psychological stuff.



Yeah I should be more attentive and write things down instead of expecting to come up with something great whenever I pick up a guitar.


sweet! i’ll send you some words when i get home :slight_smile:


worse than ever. I dun fucked up and cut myself to shreds all up the arms and legs. Kinda cool though because on my left leg I have a pentagram (SATAN) and on my right I have (GOD). Every time they heal I open them again so they’re sure to be there forever. Suicide was foiled when I accidentally binged on one of the things that was going to kill me (leading to a very long blackout)



If this is for real you need help man. Like emergency GP appointment or walk into a&e and get yourself a psychiatrist and refferal to a crisis team.


shit…really? surely not


Not sure if you are being sarcy here, but get help man and look after yourself.




So, counselling.

I’ve contacted a few people for initial appointments/assessments. One sent me a really sarcastic email after I missed their phone call, so they’re out. There’s one that looks very relevant to my issues, but they no longer have a local practice and instead do their appointments by Skype.

Does that seem a bit… Mickey Mouse to anyone? I don’t know if I’m being a reactionary luddite or not, but it doesn’t feel all that professional to me.


When I had counselling a few months ago, after my initial consultation thing where I met her face to face, I had a lot of sessions over the phone (partly cause a main problem of mine was getting really anxious and scared about leaving the house). Obviously it’s totally up to you and what suits you/your needs- I know a few people have enjoyed the feeling of getting out/a bit of structure but for me it was really helpful that I had the choice. Do you have a few options of people to see around you?