How's your depression?


Does anyone have any experience with occupational health?

I have a face to face assessment with a doctor next week, and despite dealing with various health reports as part of my job, I’m unsure of what to expect from it.


I’ve only ever spoken to them on the phone, it seemed to be quite checklisty, symptoms, asking about what doctors had said, medications etc, and I think they don’t report the detail back to the employer just their recommendations (can’t really remember though)


I used to look after an Occupational Therapy course and I literally have no idea what it is.

Something to do with fitting your life around your disability/issues? Dunno.


Does anybody else here suffer with Pure-OCD?

I’d really like somebody to chat with about it.


Not sure whether I am ok to post here but…
My gf has suffered badly with depression and stress in the past. We’ve been together about 6 months now and, in the main, she has been in a good place for most of that time. She had a setback just after Christmas and has been on Prozac since which has really helped. Last weekend she decided to come off them cold turkey and has been relatively well this week… but she has hit a bit of a wall today. I guess what I’m asking is, for those of you who have had similar experiences, how can I help her? I think I understand how she is feeling but I feel a bit useless.


just try to reassure her that these feelings will pass and try to help her get through the day in whatever small way, don’t talk too far ahead just tackle today for now :slight_smile:

I wish there was better advice I can give, maybe I’m not very good at this but that’s what I would do.


Thanks BigMan
I’ve sort of been doing this. What I’m unsure of is whether I should be encouraging her to take her Prozac again. I get why she wants to come off it but I don’t know enough about it to help her


that’s a tough one…I quit my anti-depressants cold turkey years back and don’t remember it being too bad but whenever the doctors mess with my mum’s meds it’s a huge deal for weeks so I would maybe see how she goes for a day or two and if she’s still struggling then recommend she goes back on them. I’m no doctor though.

Sorry you’re in such a bad situation :frowning:


Sure we’ll be fine :slight_smile:


does her doctor know she has gone cold turkey?

I have no experience of Prozac, but I don’t think you are always supposed to stop taking things like that, like more of a gradual withdrawal is preferable?


Yeah, cold turkey is usually a bad idea. But it’s really easy to convince yourself it’s a good idea at the time. If she’s only been on since just after xmas it shouldn’t be too bad, depending on the dosage. If she’s struggling for more than a few days a gentle suggestion to go see her GP again might be in order though.


No - she’s made the decision herself. She has a general dislike of all medication - even things like paracetamol - so she wanted to get off them. I did say maybe it would have been better to withdraw gradually, maybe taking one every other day, but she was adamant.


Thanks chap


Its really important to remember that the blow back from quiting anti depressants is not your base level of depression. You are getting rid of a quite powerful drug your body has grown accustomed to getting. People react differently to going off antidepressants based on sensitivity and dosage. But its not uncommon for people to find it tough.

Also anti depressants have a long half life and take awhile to leave your system. Particularly prozac. Which is good if you occasionally miss doses but it would explain the delay in side effects from quitting.

That said I would not recommend people go cold turkey when quiting anti depressants, particularly if coming off a high dose. Its pretty easy to go to a GP and ask to slowly taper it down. This is the sensible thing to do if you plan on quiting many drugs. Your body is much better off this way. Particular if you are getting bad physical effects such as nausea of dizziness. Its also sensible because if you decide that you are not ready to quit you can uo the dosage without having to go through the rough first week that many people get when being put on SSRIs.

That said if she plans on doing it cold turkey the symptoms/mood should improve within a month or two. If they don’t it might be a relapse but its 100% normal to feel rough when quitting anti-depressants and its not normally a sign of worsening mental health.

2 months is a little on the short side to be taking anti-depressants. Generally speaking its normal to have them prescribed for longer periods of time as it lowers the chance of bouncing back into depression. But if her mental health is generally manageable and it was just to manage a short term difficult moment my instinct is that she is not doing anything particularly wrong in quitting. But if she ends up back on them my laymans advice would be to stick it out for at least 6 months.

Good luck and I hope she is feeling better soon. In all likelihood it will pass but if she is struggling there are worse things to do then talking to a doctor.


*within a month or two at the most. Double checked and the Internet says one to three weeks. What I meant was that if she is still feeling depressed after one or two months its not the withdrawal


So apparently Citalopram is my new jam. Can anyone who’s on it/has been on it tell me what to expect? Anything I should know?


I thought this shit was supposed to get better



20mg wasn’t enough for me
30mg was too much, made me so manic I destroyed some relationships acting like a…maniac.

Fucking shit drug. You’re given it as the first med because it’s the cheapest, that’s literally the only reason even though sertraline etc (whiich is the second med you’ll get) is known to have less side effects. But more expensive.


My mental health has been fucked since I was a child tbh. Since I left home for uni I became very good at living in a way that hides much of this from myself and others while solving absolutely none of the issues it creates. Sick of it.


do you people ever find you are always waiting for some big secret to feeling better?

I’m beginning to think maybe there isn’t one and just eating better, sleeping more and doing things you have pride in is really about it.